The REAL Food for a Hostelite


We are going to answer the question as to what actually is The REAL Food for a Hostelite: You Don’t know. Stick with this article till the end to find out. The article covers briefly the psychological effects of Homesickness in Hostel.

Everybody loves food; Right

You wake up to feel stranded at times like in an island in the midst of an endless ocean. You look all around to see strange faces. It all seems to be an eccentric dream but then you realize that YOU ARE A HOSTELITE. A new and diverse chapter or change of your life unravels before your eyes. Despite the unique and peculiar hustle and bustle in the hostel life, it has just as unique and beautiful memories intertwined and you might not want to leave it when the time comes.

You wake up in the morning to get breakfast, then go to work or study, then lunch and afternoon nap; then a short badminton match between your friends or some other stuff, then dinner and some study, and then finally sleep.

You see that the daily grind of a hostelite has one thing in common: FOOD. You cannot live without it, literally. After the sunshine of all those gossiping, hanging out and Party with your friends and friends of friends; there comes one dark side: FOOD. You might have to eat the very same thing following the very same weekly routine for months to come. At times, the Food does not match your mood; while at other, you are starving to eat because you perhaps missed breakfast in a hurry.

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It is not as if the food is bad and it might feel like it: Like Always. If the situation is desperate, then you might consider complaining to your manager or relevant people in the administration. There are some dishes that you might want to have before just anything else and there are those that you are going to avoid at the cost of your life!!! The worst happens when you do not feel good and the doctor prescribes a soft diet for FIVE DAYS. Believe me! You feel better off being sick than eating some hot boiled rice.

There are psychological effects of homesickness in the hostel and you might not want to talk about it with your folks –thinking that it might trouble them. You do not want to eat and perhaps skip meals a couple of times and you feel crap at study or work. The daily repetition of it is like you are sinking in quicksand. Your desperate tries to come out are in vain and you feel helpless.

Flickered like the flame of a candle
Danced in the insanity and kindle
Looked in meadow
There was no shadow
So it actually was indeed a scandal
-M Ali

Let’ take a quick rewind and know the point where it all began: FOOD. Yes! You have been eating the wrong food all this time and you may not know it. So take a deep breath and think about it. What have you been missing all this time? The simple answer is: the REAL FOOD. Now what’s that supposed to be? (You might say)You have the answer right beside you.

Room-mates, friends, co-workers, the sanitary worker, the care-taker, the chef, the laundryman, and the warden –that appears to be scary at times –They are the REAL FOOD for a hostelite. They are like a part of your family so just talk to them. Talk to them about anything and be with your new family. You probably won’t realize before they are just gone like any other chapter or change of your life. So you have to enjoy every minute moment of it. The memories you make with them –that brings tears to your eyes when you depart. That is REAL FOOD. It can cover your homesickness in the hostel, even a little

Anything is possible when you have the right people there to support you

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