Street Food: Top 2 Most Visited Asian Countries

Tourism is one of ways where foreign people are able to know another countries culture. According to World Tourism Organization Report of 2018, China and Turkey are the top most visited Asian countries. These countries have a rich culture that differs from world. Whenever tourists visit any country, testing street food is quiet common. These are the ways to experience country’s unique culture and complexity at the same time.

Following are topmost loved street food which must be tried on next visit to these countries.



Also referred as Chinese dumplings, Jiaozi are commonly eaten in China. These are bite size crescent shape dumplings that are offered with dipping sauce. These are often enjoyed on spring festivals and on new year. These traditional delicacies have different versions depending upon the way they are made such as shallow fried, deep fried, boiled, steamed and pan fried. The sauce may be chili, soy or soy vinegar sauce. Mostly the filling contains minced pork, Chinese cabbage, scallions, sesame seed oil, ginger and rice wine. Although these ingredients may vary according to the choice.



This is the most common breakfast street food in China. Jianbing is a form of a fried pancake or crepe. This is made by spreading batter over a hotplate topped with egg and then different ingredients according to choices. The batter is either made up of wheat flour or Bean flour which may contain black beans or mung bean. The fillings may contain chili sauce/hoisin sauce or tianmianjiang sauces and toppings like spring onions, radishes and scallions. With all the fillings and ingredients, the pancake is then rolled up and served to the customer.



Baozi are everyday snacks in China. These the most common and loved street food. These are steamed buns that are sometimes provided with soup to enjoy. They may range from savoury to sweet with variety of fillings such as meat, seafood and vegetables. Their cooking methods may appear same as jiaozi, but they have more filling. Offered in varying sizes, the street vendor may offer you the most common size i.e Dabao which is 10 cm across.


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Lahmacun is also referred as Turkish pizza. These delicious pizzas don’t have European origin rather middle eastern. Unlike regular pizza, they don’t contain cheese. Rather they have thin crispy dough that is topped with spicy minced beef, minced vegetables herbs and variety of spices. They are mostly served hot with a little sprinkling of lemon juice. They are folded and often served with ayran i.e cold yogurt beverage.



They appear similar like Durum. Tantuni are rolled drums enriched with spicy flavors. They contain beef, tomatoes peppers rolled in thin tortillas. They are common in southern turkey. This dish is cooked in special Tantuni pans. If you ever get a chance to visit turkey, this dish is a must try.



Signature Turkish Delights, these are spiced and skewered sheep intestine. Kokorec are often served with flat bread. They are roasted in various ways such as using charcoal, gas or electric burner and sprinkled with olive oil or lemon juice. The food may either be served with pickled pepper or cucumber sprinkled with oregano, salt, pepper or red chilis. They are also served in Greece in their own version named as Kokoretsi.


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