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Human Genome Project is an international research project that determined some major causes of diseases developed in humans. According to it, no genes never make diseases themselves. But it’s about the inside environment that we provide to our body through our eating habits, which become the reason of diseases. So let’s have a look when and what to eat to make your body function properly. Because sometimes the most healthy food becomes dangerous for your health when you don’t keep a check on how to cook and when to eat it.

Let start with when you get up in the morning and rush out for work. To be on time, you skip your breakfast. From here the problem starts. If you are in a habit of missing breakfast or doing it late. I am sorry I have some bad news for you. When you get up in the morning, the blood sugars inside our bodies are low. Our brain and muscles need this blood sugar to work properly. And a good breakfast help in the supply of it.

what and when to eat?

Missing or having a late breakfast will cause energy absorption in the blood to reduce by 50 to 60 percent. The reason for it is that our bodies follow a rhythm. When God sends us in the world, He sets our body pattern with sunrise and sunset. Research shows that if we are missing our breakfast we will feel more lethargic and feel more fear.

Breakfast helps in building a good immune system. It will help in making strong microbiomes. Microbiomes are inside our body which helps to digest our food, strengthen our immune system. It provides different vitamins important for blood coagulation. Not only that, but breakfast also improves blood circulation in our body. Good blood circulation will help to keep the flow of oxygen to your heart, lungs, and muscles. And help to keep them function properly.

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Not only eating at the right time is important. But what to eat is also something to concern about if you want to stay healthy. According to Radiologists, 80% to 95% of Pakistani people having a fatty liver. Fatty liver is the dysfunctional liver. The liver itself produces fat and our daily diet contains a lot of fat. It results in an imbalance in natural phenomena which leads to several diseases. Many people in Pakistan used to eat parathas at breakfast. It contains a lot of fat and so that’s not a healthy diet.

 Another thing we are in the habit of using, which is not good for health, is Cereals. Cereals surely are grains of wheat, but this is not the end of the story. They are not anything close to wheat. They transformed into cereal by the process of extrusion. In this process, they passed the soupy mixture of grain from small holes at high temperature and pressure. But in this process, it leaves the grain with no essential nutrients and vitamins. This process of extrusion also affects the structure of a protein in grains. So long story short, they are nothing more than plastic food. 

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For Pakistani’s tea something like blood in veins. But unfortunately, it is also giving us no good the way we made it. Most of us prefer our tea by mixing boiling milk and tea powder while it’s on the stove instead of separate tea. In separate tea, they use the concept of teapots and sugar pots. The problem with the first tea is when we mix boiling milk and tea powder it makes a complex that affects the circulation of blood and affects the lymphatic.

When and What to Eat?

Not all the teas are bad for health, but some are good ones as well. Like, Green tea, it widened the blood vessels and because of this, the blood circulation in the body improved. Black tea is also good for our bodies. In which we add a few drops of lemon in the mixture of boiling water and tea powder. When we take it empty stomach it helps to maintain the PH of the body. Because of this, it made the growth of the virus harder in our bodies.

So if you want to stay healthy, follow the rhythm of your body. Allah sets the rhythm of our bodies on the principle of fasting. Eat heavy breakfast, light lunch, and a good dinner. Also, hydrate your bodies and at least drink 12 glass a day. Stay healthy and stay happy!!

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