Chai tea? Naan bread? What is with the maghribi West slurs, honestly? Get a grip.

The eastern food fairy tale started when the sweet British of the West decided to trade in the subcontinent and promoted our spices and the food, that has been part of our heritage from centuries, and took it to the people of the West, only to make it a part of their suburban culture. They serve daal (lentils) as SOUP, why should I not be mad? The debate is two-way regardless, because the western food has been revamped in a way that may offend the western lot too. And considering that all cultures are sacred, what do we do? At least we call mac ‘n’ cheese the same way as it is.

Food War 101?

The commencement of the food war begins from the time when eastern food had been radicalized.  Its ravishing spice levels and aromas that blew the westerns’ minds like no other, has been an offense to the heritage, to say the least. It’s more or less because we’re accustomed to the spice levels we’ve been brought up in. And that is not the fault of the Westerns because they’d rather have their food bland. Now I wonder why there’s a European AND an Asian Turkey.

Either way, the Westerns are allowed to take up the offense for their fish-sausage corn dogs (Japan) and the Vietnamese-War American fried rice. A moment of silence for the fallen.

Spices That Unite Us All

Regardless of the hurt the names “chai tea” or “naan bread” incur (i.e. tea tea; bread bread), the West respect the eastern culture beyond bounds. Knowing that your mum’s butter chicken is something you can relate with a random passenger on the subway in Manhattan is overwhelming in itself. The spice spirits unite us all under their shade.

Ambassadors of The Eastern Realm – The Ones Over the Seas

A major role in promoting the Eastern culture has been played by our overseas residents. While the homesickness takes a toll on them, they’re often found making ends meet with a small restaurant setup or similar. The eastern lot are also credited for being extremely hospitable with their small acts of kindness. They’re often known for randomly showing up at your doorstep with a plate piled with pulao or sweet decadents, with a wide smile across their faces.

Regardless of everything, it is really the differences in our cultures that bring us all together. Western and Eastern food, both have their own standing in the society. And there’s nothing that can convince us otherwise.


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