How To Prevent Yourself From Coronavirus ?

Here we are going to discuss preventive measures to avoid from Coronavirus. Many people are suffering directly and indirectly from this disease. Prevention is better than cure. So, here are the following instructions about how to prevent yourself from Coronavirus.

  1. Washing and Cleansing

    Keep washing your hands frequently at least for 20 seconds using water and soap or alcohol based hand rub.
    wash your hands

  2.  Avoid Touching your Face

    Avoid touching your facial parts like nose and mouth. Because if your hands are contaminated, they will transfer virus to your body.

  3. Practice Respiratory Hygiene

    Cover your mouth with your elbow or tissue while sneezing and coughing. Dispose used tissue.
    practice respiratory hygiene

  4.  Social Distancing

    Keep social distancing and specially from those who has cold or flu or any unwell symptoms.
    social distancing

  5. Seek for medication

    If any of you feeling unwell, seek for early medication.

  6. Use Face and hand cover

    Don’t go out unless there is urgent need. If you are going out, use face covering masks and hand covers.
    masks and handcover

  7. Stay at Home

    Stay at home and avoid crowded places.
    stay at home


In this season of pandemic, everyone should follow preventive measures to prevent themselves and others. Above mentioned points lead to how to prevent yourself from Coronavirus. This is what we can do in this time of need to stop this disease.

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