How To Delete The Gmail Account?

If you are not using your Gmail account and want to delete it permanently along with its complete data. So it will not be miss-used by anyone, so here are the steps of doing this.

  1. Go to Gmail

    Log-In your Gmail account

  2. Go to Manage your account option

    By clicking on your picture icon on the top-right corner, the drop-down list opens. Select “Manage your Account option”.

  3. Go to Data Personalization

    In your Google account settings, select the “Data Personalization” option. The option will be present on the right side of the window.

  4. Select “Delete a service or your account”

    Scroll down the page until you see that option “Delete services or your account”. Click on this option.

  5. select “Delete Your Gooogle Account”

    Some boxes will be present on that page, select “Delete Your Google Account” and it will take you at the last step.

  6. Delect your account parmentaly

    Check the few disclaimers before selecting “Delete Account” in order to permanently delete the Gmail account.