Pakistan’s Aurat March was held on the 8th of March 2020, the International Day of Women, with many slogans reflecting women’s rights as well as the violation of Islamic rules and regulations. Islam is a modern religion that gives equal rights to women as men. Some people supported the true meaning of feminism while others wanted awful rules to be implemented and illogical freedom.


One of the slogans in favour of feminism addressed:

“Feminism is not an organisation. It’s a revolutionary opinion that says woman is a human too.” 

A women displayed a poster showing society’s harsh reality:

“Islam gives rights but not Muslim.”

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) once gave response about marital relationship: ” Give her food when you take food, clothe her when you clothe yourself, do not revile her face, and do not beat her. “ Sunan Abi Dawud 2143. Displayed slogan reflecting women rights given by Islam was:

“We want protection from physical and verbal abuse”.

Aurat March 2020 also highlighted an important factor “double standards “of society by posting a slogan: 

“If wrongdoer is a man, Allah will ask

If wrongdoer is woman, she is answerable to the whole society.”

To support and protect women rights, some male citizens also took part in Aurat March 2020 with mind blowing slogans :

“Stop domestic violence as domestic violence kills more than Corona.”

“Men of quality do not fear equality.”

Male category displayed a slogan defining the status of a daughter in the perception of Islam:

“Daughter is a Blessing not a burden.”

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Islamic Rules Violation:

But in recently held Aurat March 2020, people interpreted Feminism in the wrong way. Many of the slogans violated Islamic rules and regulations and many of the people did not support those slogans. People with awful slogans actually wanted to impose rules of their own meanings and thoughts over already defined modern and equality rules by Islam. Many people used feminism in wrong meanings by using vulgar slogans. 

As in Aurat March one of the famous actresses said that: 

“Gay marriages should be allowed as nothing seems wrong if a man is interested in a man.” ~Mehr Bano


Feminism supports women rights as Islam does. But in recently held Aurat March 2020, where people supported true meanings of Feminism. Many people used many vulgar slogans to impose illogical rules on the basis of Feminism. This act made people to think about Feminism negatively. There is great need to educate people about true meaning of Feminism in order to prevent it from being misunderstood and misused in future.

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Source: What Islam actually says about domestic violence

Amna Rizwan

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