COVID-19, Virus and discrimination?

Human nature comprises of multiple emotions and everyone perceives an unknown situation differently. Some will show flight or fight response. The most dangerous of response is fear. If fear exceeds a certain limit it starts to cloud judgement and perception of different situation. Currently, the pandemic Novel Corona virus (COVID-19 is a respiratory illness with symptoms like common flu) has affected the whole world. Due to its first appearance in December 2019, the disease has no cure yet. World Health Organization (WHO) has released guide lines for local and health care staff about how to deal with the virus which are being updated on regular basis. With rising numbers of patients, a growth in xenophobia has been observed worldwide that is creating an issue of discrimination.

The virus itself has no specific target. It can affect anyone belonging to any age group, gender or race.

If the COVID-19 has no racial discrimination, then why are we targeting a specific ethnic group? Reports from around the world are showing a unique discrimination towards certain Asian/Chinese group.

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History has taught us whenever a hostile situation , people intend to blame its cause on one another. For example, virus like Ebola and HIV were common among African American. It caused racial discrimination among the American population that effected their daily routine from schools to offices. Till now, more than 1 million people have been affected with COVID-19 and the death rate is continuously increasing. This is causing fear among general public who in turn are viewing every regular Chinese person as if he/she has the disease. They will start to criticise, try to keep distance and even blame them for spreading the disease. This is affecting their daily life on a larger scale as compared to rest of the people.

COVID-19 has no racial discrimination

It should be kept in mind that COVID-19 may have an origin, but it is affecting each individual equally without discrimination. To fight this disease, we need to maintain peace as well as struggle together to find a cure for it. This requires efforts from general public and from leaders around the globe to not blame the disease on certain organization or nationality. With combine efforts, we will be able to rise from this pandemic as one, winning this war from the enemy of humanity.

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