How to improve public speaking the easy way


Public speaking is not a skill everyone has grasp on, but it surely is going to be the destiny of the one who strives to learn it. The only trick is to know how to use your existing skill-set to get your way through. And you will see for yourself how you’re able to own the audience!

Public speaking breakdown

  1. Know who you’re addressing to

    Knowing your crowd is key. It helps you set a tone to your speech/address. Once that is done, you gain your flow of delivery of the speech.audience

  2. Decide your tone of addressing

    If the address is to be made in a corporate setting, use easy words in your speech. But that does not mean you skip the jargon. Use terms like “respected board members”, “ladies and gentlemen of the board meeting” et cetera.

  3. Decide key deliverables

    Condense the gist of your speech in to short sentences, named as “key deliverables”. This way, it is easy to keep track of the important stuff to be discussed, rather than beating around the bush.key deliverables

  4. Be ready, be comfortable

    Make sure you have eaten something before giving the address. Avoid greasy foods, or you’ll end up with embarrassing barfs! Try going for something light, e.g. crackers, fruit salad, et cetera.

  5. Establish eye contact

    Research has shown that establishing eye contact helps the speaker regain one’s own and the audience’s focus. They’re inclined to listen more attentively when they catch your eye. Plus, it helps you gain dominance in your stance over the listener.attentive audience

  6. Avoid making presumptions about the audience’s reactions

    If you keep things interesting in the speech, there’s no way the audience will be bored. Regardless, don’t use their expressions to overrule your focus and attention. You’re there to make an impact on them; focus solely on that. Their reactions will reflect from their applause afterwards.

  7. Move that body!

    Maintain subtle body movements throughout your speech. It shows that you’re fully immersed in your speech. Plus, you can use hand gestures to create emphasis on selective points. Don’t get too aggressive though, as it may distract the audience.gestures

  8. Don’t make your first address your last

    Once you’re off the dais, make an oath of allegiance to yourself – you’re going to do public speaking more often. Not only should this boost your self-confidence, but also, it will give you the opportunity to overcome your shortcomings. We’re all going through a learning process here!


While public speaking sounds like an awful nightmare, it can help you accomplish unimaginable things! History has witnessed some of the greatest leaders of the world, because they were good at convincing their audience. And when the audience had faith in them, they acted according to their expectations. This might not be the general case, but the point is that public speaking defines your aura. If you effectively penetrated your stance to the audience, they’re going to react desirably.