How to Conclude a Research

Most of the time, a researcher has a great topic, a good literature review and all the data of the work. But they still face problems in concluding the topic. It is not easy to compile results and a researcher has to keep in mind the audience who will read their work. Following steps may help how to conclude a research

  1. Gather all the data

    A researcher must first gather all the data and form a flow chart on how the data was acquired. During this work, a researcher may consult literature review and other reports on how to priorities the work done in his/her research. The priorities will depend directly on the topic of the research, the goals to achieve any specific hypothesis in the research and any peculiarity found while conducting research.

  2. Question yourself

    A researcher must question himself/herself on what was the aim of the research and whether all targets achieved. If not, this means the research is not complete. A researcher must verify that whether he/she has the answers and background knowledge of all the goals he/she had set. A researcher may consult initial data, literature review and question his work. Consequently, he/she should also be able to answer their questions.

  3. Writing conclusions

    With all the research and literature review knowledge, it is necessary for the researcher to keep conclusion simple and easy to understand. A researcher should not write lengthy conclusion and should focus on key aspects of research. Conclusions should be easy and understandable . There is no need to mention any background knowledge while writing conclusion. Too much data is also difficult for readers. While writing conclusion, a researcher must refer what he/she aimed to achieve and what was initial hypothesis. Hence, they should also mention what was their results analysis.
    It is researchers choice if they wish to add recommendations for future studies.

Once, the researcher knows he has been able to work to the best of his/her abilities, they should conclude their research. A good conclusion will act as cherry on top for a research. Researcher may simply mention important point of results in conclusion. While writing a conclusion, a researcher may consult literature review and other reports. This will help him/her about what is important to mention in conclusion.

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