How to get rid of Insomnia?

What is Insomnia:

How to get rid of Insomnia?

How to get rid of Insomnia?

How to get rid of Insomnia?? Is it that annoying riddle that you think you had it figured out so many times until it circles back round to you as intact as it was when you first saw it? You have been stuck in this rut of lying awake on the bed when everybody else is asleep. This is insomnia. The fact is that you don’t naturally succumb to this overwhelming feeling of tiredness that swamps others as soon as they lay on their bed at night, and they cannot keep their eyes open. Instead, you are so mentally alert that you feel you can conquer the world at that time. This is insomnia. At that time, you do not think about how to get rid of insomnia. You think about all those hard tasks which you ended up putting off because of laziness and all of a sudden, they seem reasonably plausible and doable. You are an insomniac. This mental alertness at night; despite having spent a normal long, hard-working day like anybody else indeed, is called Insomnia.

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You can trust me

Now, you must be wondering if I am the right person to trust with this issue?

If you have been an insomniac for long enough, it probably means you have tried things already and have failed. As long as this does not involve any medical prescription, you can definitely trust me with this. As a disclaimer, I would advise you all to consult with a Doctor as well. If you have been dealing with Insomnia which is chronic, stop reading this at once and go check in with your doctor.

Types of Insomnia:

So, I have dealt with probably all different types of insomnia. Let me lay it down for you.

  • Onset Insomnia: Difficulty sleeping at the beginning of the night
  • Chronic Insomnia: Not being able to sleep at all. Statistically, three nights per week of sleep can be categorized as Chronic insomnia
  • Comorbid Insomnia: Insomnia as a result of physical or mental illness
  • Acute Insomnia: Short-period insomnia caused by some disturbing event

All these types are overlapping in terms of their meanings.

This article is specifically for those who have mild insomnia. By mild, I mean, not being able to sleep until mid-day the next day, despite having your whole body give up, yet your mind being completely blank. By mild, I also mean those who have not had a full six-hour-long sleep, and basically take hour-long naps to jerk off tiredness.

Now, I have gone through tons of articles on insomnia myself, and honestly, none helped. I will tell you why. This will also help you get over this because the moment you understand it, you figure out to get over it.

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Follow these Steps:

  • Understand your Body has a Different Schedule:

Like a normal human being, you have work or school in the mornings, and a proper schedule full of different appointments you have to take care of daily to not fall behind. Because of this schedule, since your reputation is on the line, you let it dictate you. It is helpful since it gets the job done, but for an insomniac, this schedule is a nightmare. Since the basic foundation on which you spend your day is hinged and falling apart, how do you expect yourself to have a normal schedule and not fail at it? If you know you have a six-hour school day full of hour-long science classes, you would be scared going to bed at midnight, knowing you won’t be able to sleep and your school will be a waste tomorrow.

  • Follow your own Schedule as Normally as you can:

Your schedule is different because you are different. Talk to your family and tell them that you will not go to bed at 11 pm because you cannot sleep. Follow your own schedule and go to bed when you feel sleepy. Do not make yourself lay on the bed for four hours. It will not only be detrimental to your physical health; ensuing all types of physical pains, as well as mental health. Read, write, study, watch some movie, eat, workout, basically do everything as normally as you would during the day. Make your body feel active if it wants to stay awake. Sometimes, insomniacs sit and watch movies, for hours during the night. This is something a normal person does not do throughout a day. So, why do you treat your insomnia especially? Do normal activities. Eat when you are hungry. Don’t binge eat either. But, do all of this at night.

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  • Don’t Stress Over Your Breakfast When Everyone Else Is Having Dinner:

Now, you are a normal person with a schedule that fits your own time. I repeat, “your own time”; not even night time, because insomniacs don’t just stay up at night. They stay up at any time.

Do you want to know how to get rid of insomnia? Stop caring about emulating others in terms of schedule. If people are eating dinner at 8 pm and you just woke up, you make your breakfast at 8 pm and have it. It is normal as long as you make it so. Keep reminding yourself that your body is different and emulating others is going to make you worse. Relieve yourself from following any guidelines; proper sleep schedule or mealtimes because your parents say so. Most insomniacs worsen their conditions because of the mental stress they receive from their families where elders tell them to do things which their body refuses to do. I will repeat this again: “Make your body feel natural by eating naturally, working, studying, cooking and doing everything at your own schedule, NOT your parents’ schedule”.

  • Sleep When You Can And Where You Can:

The next day of school, or university, or work for an insomniac is something he/she wants to evade. I have been through it and have slept like a zombie; drooling and smelling funny during an hour-long Chem class or math’s class. My grades went down and I felt like a loser but I could not help since it was the only sleep I was getting every day. What I learned in it, was that I was pressuring myself to have a normal life with normal activities when I was not clearly sleeping normally. The moment I let go, and I slept intentionally; because my body asked me to, during classes and anytime I felt like it, I started feeling better and within a month, my sleep schedule returned to normal. It was messed up for six months. I barely saved myself from failing the year. I would literally skip the class and would go to the library to catch up on my sleep. I owned up to my body’s schedule and I started feeling good, rejuvenated, energetic.

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All the above suggestions are for you to mold your prior belief system. But, this suggestion is related to physical activity. Walk, run, workout and help your mom in the house. Cook and bake something. Study for three hours straight without a distraction throughout the day. Exhaust yourself mentally and physically both. And, in between any of this, if you feel like sleeping, sleep and sleep! Physical and mental exhaustion is the best way to bring your body to a normal sleeping pattern of a six-hour sleep.

  • Forget You Are Treating Insomnia:

How to get rid of insomnia? Forget and erase it from your mind that you are treating your insomnia. Do not do anything with the intention that you are doing this to treat this condition. This condition comes back if you give it this much importance.

Do not work out because you are not able to sleep.

Work out because you want to.

Don’t open an any random book because you can’t go to sleep.

Study because you have this quiet free time at night and you don’t feel like sleeping. You see how I maneuvered the statements.

Your intentions influence the course of your actions.

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My Personal Experience:

I am telling you. Within a week, you will start feeling like a normal person with normal everyday goals regarding yourself which you will be working for with the same intensity, just during the time you want to; be it night or day. My sleeping psychology started working when I started to feel normal again when I was not “normal” according to anyone else. But, I felt good because I was doing everything. I was not forcing myself to attend classes because they were the only times I felt like sleeping and if you feel like you will be likely to sleep since you stayed awake the previous day, you have another thing going. Insomniacs do not sleep even when they are exhausted. So, stop holding yourself to any standard. Treat your body with kindness. Give it some time to heal or you may end up seriously damaging something.

As I said, I went from 94% to 85%. I almost failed my Chem. It is fine because I sleep like a horse now. I was so damn grateful when I had a university project submission the next day. My computer crashed and the whole thing went away and it was midnight. I was so sleepy that I asked my sister to work on it so that I can catch up on my sleep because my body gave up on staying up. This is the same girl who thought of giving up on sleep four months earlier. That’s how I got rid of my insomnia; which is by stopping to feel like an insomniac.

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