Dogs or Cats? Here’s how to choose the perfect pet for yourself.

Dogs or Cats? Here's how to choose the perfect pet for yourself.

We are all either a cat person or a dog person. But settling on “the” one requires some evaluation of your lifestyle and requirements. We have made this pet-choosing decision, easy for you with the following set of instructions!

Before adopting any, you may ask yourself these questions.

  • How much time am I willing to give?
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    If you spend most of your time at work or away from home, you may go for an independent pet like cat as they require little attention from you. Dogs on the other hand, require a lot of your time. They like being around their owner and playing with them. Depriving them of their required social time may make them depressed and eventually sick.

  • How much money can I spare on its expenses?
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    If you can spare some extra, you more go for a dog, but if you cant no worries! Cats have an independent nature and their major expense is the food or very occasional vet visits. Dogs are high maintenance and need money to be spent on their grooming and toys. They require their daily walk so if you are a busy person, you may have to hire someone to walk your dog.

  • How much space can I provide to my pet?
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    It is important to consider your house capacity when getting a pet. A large animal (for example a dog) will require space to play, exercise, litter and sleep in. If you don’t have much area, a cat is a better option. They are small, and only need a litter box. Otherwise they can exist in the same space as you.

  • Do I or any of my family member have pet related allergies?
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    You cannot enjoy the experience of having a pet fully unless everyone around you is comfortable with it. Before getting any pet, you may want to check if you or any of your family members have pet-related allergies. Here you can get a few guidelines about how to check for cat allergies or dog allergies.

  • Lastly, what pet do I really want?
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    It’s not just about what your living arrangements allow, but also about what you like. Do you like a clingy pet? Or do you prefer one that stays in its own space? Do you like an active or calmer pet?
    Which one do you find cuter? After keeping into consideration the required aspects, ask yourself what you really like? If that pet doesn’t suit you, theirs always a variety of breeds to choose from!