How To Get Rid Of Depression?

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How to get rid of depression?

How to get rid of depression?

All those people who have been through depression can agree to the fact that pills are not that effective. It does not just leave you like that. It’s a whole process; almost like a journey. Its scars always stay there. So, the fact that if you treat your depression as if its fever is meaningless. That’s not how you get rid of depression.

This article is for those who have been victims of periodic depressive episodes; which can range from four hours to four days. If you are dealing with something slightly milder or more serious than this, this article is not for you.

Indictors of a Depressive Episode:

Depressive episodes can be triggered by any situation; some on-going monotonous routine, some person or some action or news. That overwhelming feeling of nothingness that hibernates in your stomach; where you feel meaningless, all visions become silent moving pictures and you become impervious to the surrounding stimuli are some of the serious indicators of a depressive episode. You may start questioning your choices, passions, the field of work. It may trigger you to do some irrational thing to shake off the dead feeling inside. You may lose your appetite. Some people also lose interest or pleasure from doing some task. Everything starts feeling worthless. One may also start to feel lonely.

image; How To Get Rid Of Depression?

A Few Suggestions:

Here are a few things that I do to avoid a depressive episode. I say this with all seriousness, that depression is a serious mental illness and it is not something that can be thrown off with some small activity. It’s an innate feeling hence, the suggestions I am going to give you are meaningful, full of context and power. They have a solid foundation and have helped me every single time.


The moment you feel going down the spiral of an inevitable depressive episode, acknowledge it! Acknowledge the feeling. How to get rid of depression? Say it out loud if you have to that “I am getting depressed. I feel down and I feel bored and nothing seems right!” Whatever you feel, say it directly.

Your reiteration helps your brain to reach that stage of acceptance of a condition, that the brain wants to avoid because you want to avoid. This is an important step because if you don’t accept it, you will end up wasting hours feeling demotivated to do things, or whatever it is that you feel during depression, when you really want to get out of it.

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Get up at once, and go brew yourself a good steaming mug of tea or coffee. Avoid using electrical appliances. Make it a quiet long task. Use stove and hand mixing. While doing this, randomly, start counting your blessings. This small task is a game-changer. I have tried this countless times and it had always helped instantly.

So, you don’t have to start with the most basic of things. Start with anything that you are feeling especially attached to those days; which makes you feel privileged and thankful for. I usually make tea and most recently, while practicing this, I felt grateful for my warm bed. I started thinking of people who sleep in street corners, under bridges, or in any precarious situation possible. I thought of those who have no warm bed in winter. So, I did not make a huge list of my blessings. I just picked my bed and really did a thorough comparative analysis mentally, of any possible situation worse than mine. And, slowly, I started feeling emotional. And, I got back from sinking into that abysmal feeling of nothingness depression brings. And, I began realizing the value of my life, my body, and my surroundings. I felt revamped and energetic.

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The idea behind brewing a beverage with caffeine is that it calms your mind. The onslaught of thoughts that makes a depressive episode so depressing basically opens a door into your subconscious and you start thinking anything and everything. Most of it is irrational and useless. You are well-aware of this feeling in the morning when you are rejuvenated and you regret the hopeless thoughts you had at night. So, drinking a hot beverage will be streamlining your thinking process and will enhance your focus on the mental exercise I mentioned.


Being kind does not mean quitting your task and procrastinating. Procrastination is like fuel to a depressive episode. After treating yourself with some quiet time with tea, you can go back to that task. You can judge if you have been in depression long enough that how serious that episode was. Basically, you get good at judging your moods. You can treat them likewise. Just like you program your thinking in any PMS episode and give yourself space and some love with tears and chocolates, treat a depressive episode likewise. Program your mind to be its doctor. So, you are in control and not it. After treating it, its job is done. Go back to work and do not let it linger.


How to get rid of depression? I have tried cooking something new, writing songs, and even sprinting until my lungs hurt to shake it off me, and it had worked. Basically, pick something and follow it through till the end. Believe you me, you will come out as a changed person. That was wrong. You will come out as the same person with a different mood.

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When people say that they will be finally able to get rid of these uninvited short episodes of depression, they should be well-aware that it is going to be a long process.

You are taking the reins in your hand. You are taking charge of your mind and body. By trying these small exercises, you will regain control of your moods. Slowly but surely, you will learn to attain fulfillment and derive real value from the times you felt really defeated in depression. It will get better.

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