How to ACE an interview

Are you looking for an internship? or maybe a job? Well there’s one thing that you’ll have to face no matter what- An interview.
Who doesn’t want to ace an interview? Who doesn’t want to get the job they just applied for?

Below we have some steps you might want to follow to ace your interview:

  1. Your CV

    This is where you market yourself. You tend to impress your recruiter as much as possible as you are ready and capable to get the job. Considering the importance of this document, you may want to add in enough and related information regarding the job you apply for. You may try different templates to choose the most suitable one from here.
    How to ACE an interview

  2. Dressing

    Recruiters often in the corporate sector look for well groomed and capable employees as relations with other businesses are considered too. A well dressed (smart-casual) candidate may make a better first impression than someone who looks barely presentable. Effort into your dressing surely has its benefits and so this is an important factor and must be considered. Read: 5 Fashion Mistakes to Avoid if You Want to Look Put Together for further help.How to ACE an interview

  3. Communication

    Effective verbal and non-verbal communication is a key element in every field of life. If you sound firm and clear with everything you say, you are more likely to create a positive image of yourself in the recruiters eye. A well informed individual manages to convince the person on the other end using his/her communication skills. Thus, you may work on this soft skill of yours as it will help you through many stages in life including this interview of yours.

  4. Confidence

    A confident individual will surely create an impression of self aware candidate. It is indeed a stressful moment and feeling anxious is completely normal however some exercises may help you stay more calm and confident. My favorite exercise would definitely be ” Fake it till you make it”. Check out some exercises more by clicking here.