How to make your days productive

When it comes to taking a day off and staying indoors from our busy lives, it feels like a blessing but being told to stay indoors hits different.

I know it gets frustrating to be stuck at home due to the current circumstances but that doesn’t mean you have to be bored out of your mind.

Below are some of the steps to make your days productive in quarantine.

How to make your days productive

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Lets get started

How to make the most of your day

  1. Wake up early

    Now, I know just reading the first step is making you want to close this article but hear me out. Waking up early doesn’t mean waking up at 6 or 7 am. It just means that you wake up before 12 so that you don’t spend the entire day sleeping.

  2. Eat right

    With all the extra time, try new things, healthy things. Make sure to drink a lot of water and eat variety of food to give you nutrients.

  3. Exercises

    Gyms closing down does not mean you lay on your bed all day long. Take a walk down your street or ride a bicycle but make sure to get some active time.

  4. Learn a new language

    How long have you been thinking about learning a new language? This is the time. Don’t rush yourself into anything. Just start with the letter, numbers and basic vocabulary. Duolingo is good place to get started.

  5. Meditate and rest effectively

    It is important that you meditate or pray and try to schedule some rest.

  6. Read

    Pick up that book from your shelf you haven’t read and start reading. You can also find good books online.

  7. Start organizing

    Try to find a place in your home that needs organizing and start working. You may want to start with your room.

  8. Find something you love

    Spend this time on activities you love like sketching or cooking etc. Try new diy projects and you might enjoy it.

Let’s not take this extra time for granted and make our days as productive as possible.

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