How To Follow Your Passion:

How to follow your passion?

Passion is a very strong word. The stronger the word you use to describe your interest, the bigger the commitment it asks of you. The bigger the commitment, the greater the sacrifice you have to give.

I am going to give you a personalized guide on following through with your chosen line of work or career choice and take you out of your misfortunes. It is very practical; with a correct balance of idealism and pragmatism. I hope it helps some of you achieve something, or at least figure out your path in life.


Following your passion is not some child’s play where you derive leisure every single second of doing it. You do get stuck, frustrated, and disappointed. It is surprising the number of failures you have to encounter, the rejections you have to face and the swell of doubts that abound you and haunt you. So, rewire your brain to face all these misfortunes. But, stay committed. The key to a happy and successful marriage is the strength of commitment. Once you have that assurance, your next task is to make it more fruitful, fulfilling and rewarding.

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If you are lucky enough to finally land on something you really like doing, you need to pursue it. But, since you are just a beginner, you may be completely lost at it. How to follow your passion? Reading helps but there is only so much you can do with your amateur take at those skills. Join other groups of learners in that field. Be part of different projects. It will open a whole new world of learning for you. It will expose all different sides and corners of that career. Never quit things because you want to follow your passion. It is complete stupidity. Joining these groups and institutions help you nurture it.


The secret to following your passion is to stay interested in it. The reality of a human mind is that we get bored with one thing. So, you have to try new things, make time for other activities and tasks to re-energize your brain. Set small goals about other things as well. They will not only build your self-esteem but also push you to do better in your chosen field of work. They will make you feel your chosen work like play; because you will be so mentally clam and excited to do it.

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It is a reality that you have to give yourself a break. Taking some time off reignites your interest and helps you develop new perspectives at different things. By days, I mean, two to three days. It is enough to rest your mind, and think in solitude. After that time off, the best trick to go back into work is to read some great pieces about it. It will spark your interest and you will go with a fresh and enthusiastic approach.

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In that time off, read about other fields of work and this will help you develop an educated opinion and understanding of your own field. How to follow your passion? Do not be a blind follower of anything. Human beings are a complex bundle of emotions. It has happened before that something dreadful happens and it kills your interest in your chosen field. You will not be completely lost then. You still will have some groundwork done in other fields that you can pursue. This advice can also be extended in this direction that one can have multiple interests and can nurture them slowly. Be realistic about life. And realistically, interest in one thing can fade over time.

If you have gone through each of my suggestions, you could see they are mostly focused on maintaining your interest and enriching your experience in that particular passion you have. Because I am a great believer of consistency. Consistency can transform a loser into a winner and a beginner into an expert. You don’t discover your passions. You discover your interests. You nurture them slowly with blood and sweat and then they become your passions.

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