How to improve productivity in quarantine

Success demands willpower, determination and focus. During these tough times it is difficult to maintain focus. With all our daily routines messed up, no wonder it is more difficult than ever to maintain focus on a single task for long. But there always a way around it. Here are steps and precautions to Avoid Procrastination.

Plan your day the night before

Before heading towards the bed, plan your day. Make simple decisions such as what to wear what to eat etc. map your day out and write all the important things you plan to do on a piece of paper.

Sleep = Productivity

A good night sleep is extremely healthy for the mind and power. It rejuvenates the mind and boosts our will power for the day ahead. On average a less of no less than 8 hours is essential (it may vary from person to person).

Wake up early in the mourning

Waking up early is not only very refreshing but you get a head start in life. A study shows people who wake up early in the morning are happier than those who don’t. humans are designed to have much greater focus during the morning, so why waste it sleeping?

Do the difficult things first?

Getting rid of the difficult tasks early in the morning is the key to getting work done. It is the best way to properly utilize the high will power during the early hours of our day. Once those difficult tasks have been dealt with there is a sense of relief and satisfaction.


Also known as the productivity killer, our phones and devices, in general, are very addictive and they are hard to resist. It won’t be wise to completely disconnect yourself, but certain measures can be taken to control his habit. Avoid using any device during the first 3 hours of your day. Try to keep your mobile phones a safe distance away when working or trying to focus on something.

Are breaks actually helpful?

The simple answer is yes, according to a study the human mind can maintain focus for up to 45 mins on average. After the 45min mark the person loses concentration. To maximize your productivity try taking 10mins of break after every 40 mins of work. The break regenerates and keeps the mental energy up.