How to write a content or an article


Everybody wants to write content whether they belong to any age group, culture, caste, or religion. Writing is one of the basic traditions of any civilization. There are many and diverse writing styles according to the geo-strategic position of any region in the world.

In this article, we will talk about the fundamental rules or steps you need to know before writing. There are a lot of methods and extensive research going on in this respect. With this article, you can know the basics and necessary steps. This will certainly prove fruitful in the long run

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We are going to talk about simple steps to write a Content or article writing. point by point

  1. A good environment

    This will help boost your natural ability to stay productive and creative. A normal light, a chair, and a table without any noise interruptions are the key items. Some greenery and light music is a plus.

  2. All essential items

    You will require reference books, a laptop/PC with internet, a pen and a book to write your content.

  3. Avoid distractions

    Turn off any mobile devices, TV, or any such distractions that can hinder your performance.

  4. Know your objectives

    You should have a clear idea about the thing that you are going to write about. If you do not; then do not worry. Brain-storm about it and look for relevant details on the internet or books.

  5. Know your readers

    You should know the readers; you are referring to. This includes their age group, technical background, linguistics, and all such things.

  6. Prepare a draft and Revise

    You should write all the general headings and the points which are going to be written.

  7. Research

    You should look in the journals or research thesis for any relevant details. Beware of false knowledge.

  8. Write

    Now it’s time to write. Let your mind run wild and your pen runs smoothly.

  9. Revise again

    Finally you should revise and apply appropriate changes as necessary. You have written an article.            YAYYY!!


Writing is a skill. So you should definitely learn it. Almost anybody or everybody can write to express the subject at hand. If you want to succeed in writing; then it only demands consistency. There are many people who excel in this respect. We have concisely explained the steps to write and excel in Content or article writing.

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