Endangerment to Wildlife


We are going to talk about wildlife briefly along with a discussion about several key factors involved in endangerment to the wild-life; and will learn how wildlife is affected. We will only briefly talk about the steps taken for wildlife.


It is often referred to as the fauna (and sometimes flora) of a region that is remote from the artificial or synthetic aspects of human life. They have a unique beauty.

How is wildlife endangered?

We know that in wild-life; fauna and flora live in harmony. If the balance is disrupted in any way; then it proves catastrophic. Endangerment to Wildlife happens when there is a potential risk of the extinction of a particular species of living organisms this can happen due to several reasons. How is wildlife affected?

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Some of the main reasons for wildlife endangerment are explained along with the brief reason and explanation to help you understand better.


Deforestation means cutting down of trees for many reasons and providing no room for trees and biotic habitats to nourish


The expansion of large kilns or manufacturing firms to nuclear power plants often takes place in remote and forested areas. Thus, cutting down of trees and indirect or direct killing of natural life becomes inevitable.

Road Making

The major source of transportation involves roads and highways. Most of the major goods transportation occurs between remote places. Thus it involves cutting down the trees to make way.

House Making

The large real-estate business comprises making housing schemes and colonies but they often chose raw land to design it to their demand. This gets down to cutting down of trees ultimately.

Air Pollution

The industrialization, automobile exhaust, etc. comprise the synthetic or artificial factors contributing to air pollution while vulcanization, etc. includes the natural ones. They make it unbearable for the wild-life to flourish and grow.

Water Pollution

The pollution caused due to aquatic wastes either natural or synthetic (mainly) is deadly for the aquatic life that is living and is a part of the wild-life ecosystem that suffers considerably.

Animal Abuse

Animal abuse or cruelty which is a direct consequence of the heinous human intentions is also a major factor. The animal cruelty is unbearable and it is heart-rending to see animals suffer for the mere sake of our amusement.


Illegal hunting and smuggling are also playing a major role in endangerment. Moreover; hunting for the sake of pleasure should not occur.

Environmental Crisis

Environmental crises like climatic change, floods, volcanic eruptions, landslides, etc. are a vital cause of wildlife endangerment.

Disruption of Biodiversity

The decrease in the population of a specific species due to any of the reasons mentioned leads to the disruption of the food chain. This leads to long term problems as well as endangerment to wildlife.

Animal or Plant Disease

Any infectious or contagious animal disease cannot only cause endangerment to its kind but also puts other species at risk.


Most of the paper industry depends heavily on paper making. This makes deforestation unavoidable. Thus billions of trees cut down annually for the manufacturing of paper.

Natural Medicine

The acquisition of natural herbs and medicine can also put a strain on the wildlife leading to endangerment.


Although governments all around the world are trying desperately to resolve this issue; and there are are a lot of steps taken for wildlife like WWF (World Wildlife Fund), etc. but general awareness and strict regulations and policies can help make the situation better. Moreover, some other alternatives may prove fruitful. We come to realize; that wildlife is affected.

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