Fashion: A Critical Analysis


We will talk about critical analysis and its meaning. We will also talk about the relation between culture and fashion, and Fashion and variety to explain whether it is a necessity or a curse

What is it?

The word fashion is derived from the Latin words “facere” (meaning do, make) which later became “factio”. The old French terminology is “façon” and the Middle English word as we know it is “Fashion”.

It is simply the art of doing things. In a more particular sense, it is how we feel when doing something in a certain way.

Clothes mean nothing until someone lives in them

Marc Jacob

In a most generic sense; it is categorized with the interests in one’s cloth and the style associated with it. Fashion is an imagination that becomes a trend.

Fashions fade, style is eternal

Yves Saint Laurent

What gave it birth?

Necessity is the mother of invention


Now we will understand carefully the necessity associated with fashion. It adds color and gradient to the lives. The need to be more elegant was the small pebble that rolled from the snow mountain of creativity creating an avalanche!

The creative side of humans runs wild. It grows and evolves and goes beyond the boundary of garments and clothes.

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What is the criteria?

The diverse field of Fashion is abstract art which has basic criteria. It is important to understand that these basic criteria are as abstract as the word itself. The basic points include creativity, confidence, cohesion, flow, and theme.

Fashion gives birth to Variety

There is a lot of misinterpretation in this aspect. What might be considered Fashion in a certain area or group of people or in a certain age or gender is usually not pleasing to the other? This Fashion gives birth to what we call “Variety”.

Is there a Universal Fashion?

There is no such thing as universal in the realm of Fashion. A baby cloth might look ridiculous when it is given to old folk. Similarly, there is a clear distinction between Men and Women Choice. A teenager has another domain in choice of Fashion.

People from around the world do not wear the same dress over and over again. Moreover, this is not limited to clothes only. It is encompassing a major part of our life. We do not see the same style or trend in architecture, food, tools, and gadgets.

Fashion is a part of Culture

There are as many fashion styles as there had been cultures around the ages. But unlike culture; it undergoes more rapid growth and evolution

Is it a necessity or a curse?

Now this is a very important point that requires your consideration and thoughts as well. There are a lot of people having different ideas about the character and nature of fashion. We will discuss two important ones.

As the power of fashion grows; it demands the people to go with its flow. You cannot go for an interview in your nightdress! Well, you can but the point is that the people of a certain group who follow a certain set of trends have to follow it under most of the circumstances. This makes it a necessity. Despite how good your choice may be; there is a certain theme for a wedding and a separate one for a funeral. It cannot be mixed together.

When the necessity reaches extreme; then it becomes a curse! Its’s trends might grow and evolve rapidly rising exponentially in monetary values. The truth of the matter is that this extremism becomes a class distinction. While the rich can afford and go with the flow but the poor face only agony and depression.


The only solution to this is to ask yourself a question? Am I going to wear it or is it going to wear me? You have to decide for yourself. It has a lot of influence on our daily lives.

This concludes the critical analysis.

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