In today’s World, religion plays an important role in societal and emotional development of a person. Sometimes it can be shackles in your feet or sometimes it can be the boarding pass to the clouds. When one talks about the role of religion in life, we must consider many points. The points and objectives affect the role of religion in one’s life.

A man should be judged upon his capabilities and talent instead of the culture, caste or religion he belongs. Religion should not be considered as a hurdle in someone’s dream to excel. A man is deeply connected to his religion, his soul is purified by his religion’s ideology. But that doesn’t mean, he’s not fit to go forward.

The world is a big nest. Religion’s role depends on the people present around you and the place you are living in. This world offers many opportunities and on the other hand it massacres itself. Today every country has its own rules and laws and we must abide by them.

Pakistan being an Islamic State was based on the ideology and basis of Islam. The basis was that Muslims as well as minorities will be granted rights and shall be allowed to practice their religion. They shall have full access to celebrate their festivals and they won’t be neither judged nor stopped. Even after 70 years, today Pakistan provides its citizens with equal and liberal rights. A Muslim here is given same excel in opportunities as a Hindu or Christian. Sometimes religion is not a problem but a gift. The minorities in Pakistan have separate kotas by which it becomes easy for them to earn livelihood and make a fortune out of it.

Minorities have their special reserved seats in schools, colleges, universities, army, politics and every professional field. This makes it even easier for them to excel. Some other countries in the world also work on the same principle of giving rights to minorities. They are provided with free medical services, jobs and residence.

There are millions of examples of people belonging to minority yet excelling in respective fields. The biggest example is of Sooraj Pichai (CEO of GOOGLE). Another example is of Barak Obama (the most powerful person in the world).

There are always two sides of the coin. While some nations provide social and moral support to minorities, others oppress them and ultimately kill them. A worthy example is of our fellow nation India. The killings of Gujrat show how the Muslims were oppressed and killed. When we talk about injustice and inequality, there are nations where minorities are not allowed to take part in elections. They are considered an outcast and live on their own.

In the conclusion we say that it depends entirely on the person how he works and ends up as rather than on the religion. Sometimes your religion can make you Muhammad Ali or end you up as Aafia Siddique.

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