Cheerful Quokka| World’s Happiest Animal

Cheerful Quokka, the happiest animal, is a member of the genus Setonix and belongs to the macropod family. It has a light brown fur coat, brown face, rounded furry ears, black eyes, black nose and a short tail. Male Quokkas are bigger than female Quokkas. Quokkas are from islands like Perth, Bald Island particularly Rottenest Island. They are attractive and fascinating creatures. Their size seems to be the same as the size of the house-cat.

Interesting Facts About Quokka:
  • Fame: They are now an internet sensation because of their cheery smile. Visitors often take selfies with this gorgeous creature.
  • Swimming: Quokkas spend most of their time on land but they are more than skilled in the water despite it’s not their first choice.
  • Hanging out in groups: They are social with one another and like to hang out in groups. 
  • Joey: Baby Quokka: Like kangaroos, family member, baby quokkas are known as a joey.
  • Abdominal Pouch: Like kangaroos, they move with their babies in their pouch.
  • Quokka as a pet: It is illegal to take quokka as a pet animal.
  • Don’t touch Quokka: Touching the quokkas is not allowed because they can give you nasty bite and diseases like Salmonella.

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Like other marsupials in the macropod family such as kangaroos and wallaroos, quokkas are also vegetarian. Visitors are not allowed to give them any human food because human food causes many health problems for them like dehydration and malnourishment. Quokkas suffer lack of fresh water because of the absence of fresh water on Rottnest Island. But they fulfill their water needs by eating vegetables.


To make a better survival, they have developed adaptation. They hide in long grasses from predators using their light brown fur coat. Quokkas live in a hot environment so they are able to live without water for a long time period. They also have the ability to fulfill their water needs from vegetation. To get food resources, they also climb the trees.


If Quokkas are not protected, they are like to become one of the extinct wild. IUCN Red List and Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 has ranked this creature as endangered. The World Wildlife Foundation is responsible for the protection of their existence.

Quokka’s Selfies in Trend:

In Australia, taking a selfie with this happiest animal has now become a trend. Rottnest Island visitors are sharing selfies with this cheery creature.

Selfies with Quokka: The Happiest Animal


Source: Quokka Facts


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