What stops a society from excelling? What stops a nation from success, to go forward, and become a part of big race? It’s not the powers that lie outside the border but the parasitic problems mainly the social issues that decay the society from within.

In modern terminology, the social problems are the ones that weaken the society and lead to decline of the nation. These issues create huge problems for the people of the society thus resulting in the downfall. Our society being a part of so-called developing nation as always been a host to these problems.

Pakistan being an Islamic Nation has always faced social, economical and religious issues. Believe it or not this is the reason why we are still a third world nation. What are these issues? Where do they come from? And how do they affect us?

Well, look around and you’ll find a social issue in every corner. A mufti giving birth to 10 daughters and not sending them school is a social issue. Ruqaiya and her 10-year-old son going to work daily while his husband sitting under the bridge playing poker and having drugs is an issue.

The maid coming to your home and bearing the misery you give her and then getting thrashes by her husband at home is an issue. A woman scared of going to work because of harassment is an issue. Ali not going to school because the bus driver teases him is an issue. A patwari taking hold of 100 poor farmers is a social issue.

Not only this, the MNA of your area filling his accounts with illegal money is an issue. Your corrupt boss is an issue. The problems don’t end here. Lack od education, lack of employment, lack of guidance, all these problems are the major issues of society that ultimately lead to the death of a nation.

All of us must have heard people and so-called critic talks about these issues. But these problems are constantly rising because everyone can talk about these, but no one wants to take the first step in eliminating these.

Islam is our most important weapon in solving these issues but since we have forgotten our religion and have moved far from it, our religion has become an issue itself in the eyes of people. Until or unless single one of us is willing to take the first step, we are far away from the daylight.

These issues can not only be solved but can turn into the nation’s power but ARE WE READY FOR IT?

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