Lifestyle; a Glance at Modernism

‘You are what you think’ is a famous proverb which accentuates the concept of a progression of thoughts associated with various things; a sequence of opinions that manipulates life decisions, attitudes which help a person acquire a status. When it comes to defining a person, the way of life adopted by that person is usually taken into account. This specific way of life is what ‘lifestyle’ literally means. This term can be very diverse because how people or certain groups live is influenced by various social, economic and cultural aspects. Lifestyle can include certain values, norms, interests, opinions, moralities, method of consumption or even patterns of work. It is also what individuals perceives themselves and the way the society perceives them.

Lifestyle is a thought, a vision, and a series of pictures assembled together to portray one’s life. It is a way to flaunt wealth for some; the rich use it to denote what they own, what they are capable of and even what they want others to feel deprived of, just out of  a feeling which makes them feel superior and authoritative. A man living from hand to mouth, working for long hours just to earn a few pennies and striving just to make sure that his kid doesn’t die of hunger, even resorting to intoxicating drugs due to the pressure he can’t take, but his family still lacking the basic amenities of life would never use lifestyle as a symbol. He would already be too much entangled between his personal responsibilities and social obligations that he would prefer to keep his lifestyle low-key or hidden as he has a higher prevalence of many unhealthy and non-productive lifestyle decisions but such decisions are not really a choice.

Lifestyle changes are also a common practice nowadays but most people find it complex because it is not us but our perceptions that scare away the change. It is hard to start over even when one feels the need or the right amount of motivation to do so. It’s just about taking a risk by introducing something different or losing the chance of going places or exploring one’s true self.

Although, a wave of modernism has made us progress by leaps and bounds but a sedentary lifestyle has come into existence with more number of people being socially isolated, suffering from hypertension, lack of physical activity, proper eating habits etc. However, this effect gets altered by the nature of social class or the cultural norms too.

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