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Whatever you do in life. It is not legendary unless you are doing it in a suit. Be it be a party, a meeting, a wedding or any other function, all you want is to rock a suit. But everyone wears a suit, how do you standout? How can you cut above every other guy in the room? Well gentlemen, here we are with some expert tips to help you pick up a perfect suit. And dress it up to the perfection.


As simple may it sound. But when it comes to suits, fit is the most important thing. A suit needs to fit, Afterall there is a reason it is called a suit. No matter how elegant your suit is if it is not fit on you. Then it is not good for you.


But how do you determine whether a suit is a perfect fit or not ?
Most importantly , the shoulders of the suit should never flop over the natural shoulders .To check this go up a against a wall with your suit on . The suit should contact the wall first and then your shoulder. If there is bunching of fabric in between, then sorry your suit is too big. And if your shoulder touches the wall before the suit, then probably it is too small.

Another important thing is that you should be able to comfortably cross your arm. While doing so your suit should not stretch too much to tear apart the fabric.

rock a suit , shoulder


To check the fitting at stomach. Button your top button. Now put your hand in between your suit and shirts. Your hand should comfortably fit in. If it does not, then you suit is too tight. And if there is too much space in between, then you really need some fitting.

rock a suit


Now this is a versatile area. Different brands and different styles of suit have different length of sleeves. But the ideal length is somewhere between your wrist and to the middle of the thumb. Do not go shorter or longer than that. Another every important question is how much cuffs of shirt below the sleeves be shown. Let me put it very explicitly:

Show quarter to half an inch of shirt below your suit sleeves.

rock a suit


When it comes to suits, there are three main variations of lapels:

  1. Notch lapel: They offer a typical formal look. they are very commonly seen giving your suit the classical look.
  2. Peak lapel: A bit more formal and a bit flashier and more pointed. They are trimonthly in these days.
  3. Shawl lapel: The ones with round and soft edges. Relatively thinner and formal. Not common in everyday wear because of their formality.

As there are some specification of each lapel. But it is nothing wrong to throw these rules out for some moment and do something creative. Do not be too governed by regulations and try something new.

rock a suit


Again, there are three types of vents. But this is an undeniable fact that double vents are way better. They look more flattering and you personally feel much relaxed in them. Double vents give you room to do that effortlessly casual “hand in pocket “pose. Another very important thing to remember is about the length of your suit. Jackets must, I repeat must cover your bottom. That is a mistake people make. But now you know.And now you will rock a suit .

rock a suit


Jackets can be single breasted or double breasted. If you are just starting up with suit s. Then single-breasted jackets are highly recommended. They are classier and less formal than double breasted. Buttons can vary from one to four. Try to go with two button jackets. And never button the bottom button. Please do not do it.


Again, as with most things. Simplicity is the key. The waist should befit. But where to waist your pent? Well for that, place three fingers below the belly button. This is exactly where your pants waist should be. You can use a thin, simple belt. But remember most of the best suits go beltless. Now the length can greatly vary. But always go between half to no break. No bunching of fabric near shows. The pant should be slim and straight. And importantly, go with flat front pant. No pleats. Please no pleats. This is very important to rock a suit.

rock a suit


You want to stand out? well this is the trick. Pocket square add polish. Make sure they are in the color combination of the suit. Try it does not match your tie or suit in either pattern or color. There are many designs available out there, you can try them. However, if you are sure go with the classic square fold or one-point fold.  If you’re wearing a dark suit, a light pocket square is advisedAnd yes tie bar is an icing on cake. Make sure tie is not too long nor short. It should just fall over the belt.

rock a suit


If it is your first or second suit. Go with basic colors. Do not opt for black unless you are attending a funeral. Best to go with charcoal, gray, navy and other basic color. They are multipurpose and absolutely risk free. However, if you already have plenty of suits. Go ahead do the experimentation. Find the perfect one for yourself.

The color of shoes, belt and watch should be in a range. Not necessarily same but there should be pattern, a scheme. Shoes should be polished and of great quality. And there you will be rock a suit.

rock a suit

Remember fashion is not an exact science. It has no limit no boundaries. You can always create new rules with your creativity by breaking old.But these rules can really help you get your basics straight.


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