Everything missing in the Pakistan Fashion Industry

The fashion industry accounts for about 20% of the country’s exports. This industry has been growing in the past view years despite the years of battle with the more conservative parts of the society. It is time that they become more socially responsible and start focusing on major aspects that are missing. Written below is everything that is missing in the Pakistan Fashion Industry.


Not representing the important social issues of Pakistan is a significant feature missing from our industry. In the west, Art and other creative avenues of the country usually inspire the themes of fashion and shows and shoots. Movements of peace, gender equality and sexual freedom largely influenced the fashion in the 60s and 70s.

Every missing in Pakistan fashion Industry

Freedom from colonialism

It is a harsh reality that as a result of colonialism are still present in the country. Modeling is an essential part of the fashion industry. Often we read about models sharing their experiences in the industry. Major part of these experiences is the sad truth that brands try to change the skin color of models. In order to fit models into their glamorous money-oriented mold, numerous brands try to show what is not real. We still can’t see people of the industry accepting our ethnicity and distinguished features.

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We see distinct and remarkable models around the world with plus sized bodies, rare skin conditions, transgender models, albino models, petite models, tattooed models, models with prosthetic arms or legs. Even Pakistan, this edge is missing. Having dark skinned models and making them wear sneakers instead of heals seems to be all we can do.

Every missing in Pakistan fashion Industry

New imaginative artists

A few designers seem to be dominating the fashion industry. They stick to certain models and artists. Lack of opportunities for new aspiring models and artists is creating a bubble. These people are failing to show public anything artistic and visionary.

Every missing in Pakistan fashion Industry

Fashion used to be about being creative and expressing idea. But not in Pakistan. The tycoons of Pakistan fashion industry need to realize the opportunities they are missing out on. These might not only benefit their earnings and reputation but also the whole industry.

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