6 rare animals found in the waters of Pakistan.

(Yes that’s Arabian Sea!)

Our past and present is a proof that man’s domination on earth harms the animals (here’s why). In fact, a WWF survey shows that between 10,000 to 100,000 wildlife species become extinct each year.

Not only the lands but the waters of Pakistan are also home to a large number of species. From blind Indus dolphins to European otters, Pakistan has an exotic yet under-appreciated marine life.

Here are 6 rare animals found in the waters of Pakistan!

1.Blind Indus dolphin.

Indus River Dolphin | Endangered Species | Animal Planet

These blind dolphins are one of the rarest mammals found only in the Indus river in Pakistan. They are generally brown in color with a pink belly sometimes. Due to the drying of sea over the years, they had to adapt to muddy river waters which made these dolphins blind.

2.White headed Ducks.

These peculiar looking ducks are found in lakes with dense vegetation. They are mostly 18 inches long and have a stiff tail. With a rise in water pollution, their population is rapidly decreasing.

3.Blue Whale.

What is the natural habitat of the pygmy blue whale in the Arabian ...

The largest mammal to exist! Live blue whales were first sighted in the Arabian sea in 2017. This is probably because of the abundance of Pelagic shrimps, the main diet of these whales, in this sea. They grow up to 30 meters in length and have a heart, the size of a small car!

4.Black fin-less Porpoise.

Saving the Finless Porpoise | Stories | WWF

As friendly-looking, as they look, these fin-less porpoises are very shy! Their distinct feature is the absence of a dorsal fin. With a sleek head and pink eyes they sure are a pleasant sight!

5.Soft-shelled Turtle.

Indian narrow-headed softshell turtle - Wikipedia

As their name suggests, these turtles have a soft leather-like shell. They have been a victim to poachers because of the high market value of their meat, eggs, and skin leaves.

6.European Sea Otters.

European Otter / (Lutra lutra) | Stock Photo

Also known as Old World Otter, this animal thrives best in fresh unpolluted water. They feed on birds, fish, insects, and frogs mostly. As the water quality is declining with each passing day, their population is also decreasing.

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