Worlds Deadliest Feline

Felis nigripes (Feline) is a small vulnerable black-footed cat that has a captivating round face and light-brown and black-spotted body. It founds only in three countries Botswana, Namibia and South Africa. The wild feline weighs 2.89-4.19 lbs, with an average height of 9.84 inches and 14-20 inches length. Undoubtedly, when compared to the unshorn-maned lion, a sheeny leopard or furtive tiger, these measurements are not awe-inspiring. But despite this small size the wild feline tracks and brings down more kills in a single night than a leopard does in six months. Feline is a strictly nocturnal animal. It spends the whole day resting in a deep covered empty excavate and emerge after sunset to hunt.

These black-footed cats have accelerated metabolisms which they need to keep fueled all time. They can walk 33 kilometres a night in search of food, the furthest recorded for any small cat. They kill on average 10-14 rodents, which are their primary prey, in a single night, with almost 60% success rate which is three times better than a lion.


Feline hunts in three different ways;

  • In one method they swiftly leap through the colossal grass, flushing out small prey like birds or rodents, a technique known as “fast hunting”.
  • In another method they swerved cautiously to creep up on the potential hunt,which is known as “slow hunting”,.
  • Feline also use the sit and wait approach (known as still hunting) near the burrow to hunt the rodents. They can stay perfectly stock-still outside the cave waiting up to 2 hours for the prey to appear and they can catch it.
Figure: (a) photograph of a black-footed cat, (b) felis nigripes in a slow hunting pose (c) cat waiting outside burrow of rodents (still hunting).

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