Wildfires in Chernobyl

Do you know how long do we have to heal the planet? 12 years. Surprising? Yes, you heard it right! We hardly have any time to reverse the damage that has been incurred to the ecosystem and the natural environment. The environmental challenges we face are now global; different species are getting extinct, the world is running short of water, marine and coastal life is under threat and on top of all the imbalances in the ecosystem have caused wildfires in forests. Wildfires have been observed in many counterparts of the world including bush fires in Australia, Amazon forests wildfire, and the wildfire in Chernobyl to name a few. The wildfires in Chernobyl have caused massive havoc and disruption.


The Chernobyl disaster is an outcome of a nuclear accident back in 1986. Due to a delay in the procedure of the testing, the radioactive core broke out giving birth to an explosion, following the colossal damage the entire area was sealed into a zone of alienation. With each passing decade the risk associated with the explosion has sought to be decreased. Although, the nuclear radiations have overtime been settled in the soil, other trees absorbing those emissions have resulted in the nuclear radiations to resurface.

Disastrous Effects

The fires in Chernobyl have had an unorthodox effect on the natural ecosystem and wildlife in its surroundings. On 6th April it was reported that the radiations were 16 times above the normal level.  According to researchers, around 30% of the tourist attractions in the exclusion zone have been destroyed. Moreover, the destruction was to this point that on April 16th the place was declared as the most polluted. The reasons behind the fires still remain unknown, but collectively Ukraine is taking strict measures to limit the environmental loss.

The fires in Chernobyl are no ordinary fires and to this date the area still remains radioactive. Different species have lost their natural habitats; people have been forced to move to other cities, tourists attractions have been destroyed, all of this has been added to the strain of dealing with a pandemic. The planet is the only thing we have in common, and it is time we do something for the rich ecosystem and nurture it for the future generations.

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