5 Things You Must Carry in Your Handbag

A bag or purse is something we carry with ourselves nearly all the time. How many of you always carry your essentials in your bag? One must ensure to carry all their necessary things at all times to avoid any inconvenience. Do you want to carry something useless? An opportunity to make use of but you cant make the smartest choices? Well here we have a list of 5 essential things that every lady must carry in her handbag to make use of anytime, anywhere.

These are:

  1. Makeup pouch

    makeup bag- essentials
    If you’re in the middle of the day and look tired already with some minor breakouts in your makeup; a makeup pouch will always come in handy. A slight refresh could help you look fresh and flawless in no time. Even if makeup is not your thing, a lip balm and sunscreen in your pouch could do the trick. An essential in the summers would be a rosewater spray while a moisturizer helps greatly in the winters. So do not forget to pop in your makeup pouch into your handbag before you leave for work or anywhere else!

  2. Tissues

    essential in your bag- tissues Personal hygiene is a very important aspect of each and everyone of our lives. You wouldn’t want to face a situation where you sneeze or run out of toilet paper while you’re somewhere out; so making sure that you have at least a pocket tissue pack or a roll is a must.

  3. Wallet

    a purse- essential to carry Nothing works without money. A broke person cant even get themselves a cab to get home. Your bus and credit cards are an important part of your daily routine; so forgetting your wallet at home would be the last thing you’d want to do.

  4. Headphones

    headphones- essential to carry With travelling for work or for college nearly five days a week, the noise could get really annoying. So having a pair of headsets or earphones would be great way to keep you in your zone and enjoy the time commuting.

  5. A planner

    planner for all- essential to carry A planner will help you jot down any reminders and important things for the day. This is an essential element which could also be replaced by a book. However a planner is much more organized and so you must never forget to carry one, especially if you’re a student or someone who works. You can order your planners online from here.

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We hope you take notes and follow the tips from : “The 5 things that you must carry in your handbag” post and make smarter choices from now on.

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