5 Interesting facts about Jellyfish

A jellyfish is an umbrella looking marine animal with trailing tentacles and as the name suggests; it is false to call it a fish as it is a plankton. However it is still called a Jellyfish. There are over 10,000 species which are present in various diverse forms as there are 2000 types of jellyfish while the box jellyfish is the most dangerous. Here are 5 INTERESTING facts about Jellyfish:

jellyfish facts

  1. Cloning of themselves

    Jellyfish tend to regenerate themselves into creating two new organisms. They have the ability to regenerate whenever they get injured along with the ability to produce more than 100’s of offspring.

  2. Glow in the dark

    glow in dark- jellyfish facts Jellyfish have organs which produce bio-luminescent protein and enable them to glow in the dark. This emission of light and energy allows them to attract prey as well as distract predators.

  3. They are immortal in some cases

    facts about jellyfish Jellyfish tend to have the ability to go back into their previous stages when stressed thus preventing death forever. Further information can be looked up at by clicking here.

  4. They have no brains

    Yes, you read that right and surprisingly they don’t have eyes or even a heart. These creatures sense their prey through their mechanism of nerves and senses; and so paralyze their prey by using its stinging tentacles. It does not seem to be a problem for these creatures however they survive passively as they completely depend on their automatic reflexes.

  5. Not all jellyfish have tentacles

    no tentacle jellyfish- facts This upside-down jellyfish can still give you a nasty sting without even touching you. The release of gooey clouds is a substitute to the absence of tentacles. You can find further information regarding this research by clicking here.

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We hope you found these 5 facts about Jellyfish interesting and you may have a look at some more by clicking here.

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