Wildlife Animals That Are Not As Dangerous As You Think

Majority of people, when they hear about wildlife, they think about animals who are extremely dangerous. Animals you wouldn’t dare to even breathe in the same environment as them. And while it is true for most of wildlife animals but there are some of them who mean you no harm. With that said here are some wildlife animals that are not as dangerous as you think;

  • Vultures

Vultures are known to feed on creatures that are either dead or are about to. And that may present them to be a threat to the living as well but that is not the case. While they may be the one eating the dead but they will never be the one to kill those creatures themselves.

  • Milk Snakes

There is no denying that snakes have earned their fair share of reputation when it comes being being animals that are harmful to humans. Every year thousands of people die because of snake bites. Still there are some rare snakes that are not poisonous at all. According to studies there exists a total of 500 different species of snakes and only 12 of them are deadly. And we assure you that milk snakes are not one of those 12 species.

These red and black striped creatures get confused with coral snakes who actually have red and yellow stripes and are one of the most dangerous snakes. And while this confusion actually benefits the milk snakes as they stay protected from potential predators but we assure you that they are not the harmful ones.

  • Vampire Bats

There are two major reasons these bats are names after vampires. 1) They look like one and 2) They are known to be able to suck the blood of their victims for about half an hour without even being noticed by the latter.

The second thing will for sure scare the hell out of any sane human, it is important here to consider that these bats prefer to target horses and cows and other livestock animals compared to humans.

  • Stingrays

We all were devastated by the death of the Steve Irwin, the renowned Crocodile Hunter, in 2006 because of the bite of a Stingray. And after this event people have only become more scared of them. But the statistics prove that death by Stingrays are extremely rare, 1 to 2 deaths annually.

The barbs of a Stingray are no doubt venomous but it is the intense pain that actually drives the victim crazy. Even then Stingrays hardly attack. Their first move, whenever they feel threatened, is to always swim away.

  • Sharks

For as long as we can remember, Hollywood has intensely benefited from the idea that sharks are dangerous. Some of the biggest blockbusters portray them as extremely dangerous creatures who are always ready to jump on and attack any human that they will see. But, believe us, it is not true.

Not all species of sharks are craving for human flesh. In fact, they prefer to eat fish as human are not easily digestible to them.