Role of Computer-Aided Designs (CAD) in the Fashion Industry:

The fashion industry is one of the most competitive industries. Every consumer wants a unique design in this industry. In the past, designers used to sketch the designs with pencil and paper before giving it an actual face. This leads to decreases in efficiency and productivity. So as any other field of business, the fashion industry adopted computers to make their work more efficient. Gradually and slowing they become complementary fields as they adopt Computer-Aided Designs in the fashion industry. 

CDD in fashion industry
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What is CAD?

Computer-Aided Designs (CAD) allow the designers to create the design in 2D and 3D. It helps them to get a realistic view of their idea before presenting it. In 3D designing, they used 3D scanners that can take the picture of the body for which you are designing. That helps them to differentiate it with a dummy model they were using earlier. And it makes the designs a better fit according to customer size.

CDD in fashion
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How CAD helps in designing? 

With the revolution in the fashion industry, it just becomes a matter of hours to make a design. The software allows designers to insert the texture of the cloth so it produces that texture on computers for designing purposes. The software enables them to use a different number of designs on fabric and decides which one is looking better. Once the design gets decided next, you can just give the command regarding the pattern you want. Automatically it will spread the pattern on across the cloth with equal spacing and lining. Designers can also decide on the shape of the garment. Computer calculations will help to give the shape to garments with a great number of accuracy.

CDD in fashion
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As a lot of freedom for designing is present in these softwares, it’s important to not carry it way too far. Because every single stitch or color will cause extra time in a knitting machine and cost a lot of money. Once the design gets completed, they send it to a factory from where they transfer it to machines. They get the first sample within hours and if it gets approved; they programmed machines to knit more in whatever size they might need.    

What Problems is it entertaining?

Computer-Aided Designs in the fashion industry help designers to save their resources. Because they don’t have to use actual cloths to get a better idea about design. Not only clothes but also save time as these softwares help them complete the task more efficiently. Also, it allows sharing of the prototype with a customer so to satisfy their demand in a better way. 

Education Sector  

Fashion designing colleges still used to teach the student the traditional way of designing i.e. sketching along with CAD. Because it’s not necessarily the software they learned and mastered will remain in use. Because Softwares are changing and upgrading at a very high pace. But these softwares are now the need of the time. It allows them to see the particular design by setting it on virtual models. On that, they can change the size, texture, color, and style of their prototype. 

CDD in Fashion
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Globalization paved the way for people to get to know the fashion sense of people all over the globe. The taste and trend change for people in fashion with time. They become more concerned about how they look and carry themselves. Which causes the designers to create according to the taste of their customer demand. And Computer-Aided Designs in the fashion Industry helps them come up with an innovative idea. And increase their productivity to remain competitive in the market. 

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