Domestic Violence And Anti-Islamic Movements.

Most of the women in our society endure their awful marriages and keep on suffering. She does not want to report about the violence she is facing behind the close doors. Like any other crime, there is a need to treat domestic violence as a serious crime. There is a need that regulatory bodies should take strong actions against such crimes. But the law will help when someone asks for its implementation, and in our society, we do not call the law for action for such situations. Because sometimes she tries to protect the honor of the family in the price of her own life and wellbeing. She believes any act of her for the sake of her protection will destroy her children’s lives. But who could tell her that act of her doing no good for her children?   

In our subcontinent culture, men are responsible to provide shelter and necessities of life. Even if women are working still men have a dominant authority in homes, which is not the wrong thing. Because to make things work properly, there should be some head who supervises everything. But the problems start when they miss using their powers. When they try to express their power by abusing their wife so she could not be able to do something against his will. 

Domestic Violences
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In Pakistan, we have laws that govern these issues of domestic violence. Sindh, Balochistan, Punjab enacted their laws recently but unfortunately, KPK  right now has no law which governs these issues. But these laws are of no use if it does not bring into practice. If they do not facilitate the woman when she comes to law enforcement bodies for her rights and if she still has to wait two or three days sitting outside the police stations to register an FIR, how come even these laws can safeguard their right? What things will motivate her to fight for her rights? 

This year Aurat March in Pakistan remained a hot topic for the last few months. And it faces a lot of criticism that this movement is against Islam and women should not come in the streets. Maybe they were right because doing all this brings nothing new for the woman who is suffering. Those who cannot stop the hands of men. Who doesn’t have the power to take legal action against these acts. How come these protests can give her her rights?

Domestic Violences

But at least these protests show that there is something wrong going on in society. Because of which these women able to come out in the streets and expressing their rights so boldly and confidently. If these are anti-Islamic acts, then who is the one who is adding fuel to fury? What are the reasons that she can claim her rights outspokenly? If these men do not want these kinds of anti-Islamic acts, so just stop abusing their women and gives her respect and love. If that would be the case, she will never be able to come to the streets next time.

Honor killing is very common in our country. If a girl wants to marry someone she got brutally killed sometimes. If people are against Aurat March and want the practices according to Islam, then they should know what Islam’s true teachings are. What status Islam has given to women. Hazrat Kadija was the one who sends the message of marriage to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) also, Hazrat Musa’s wife sends the message by herself. These things show there is nothing bad about marrying a man of your own choice. But in our society, men do not accept these facts and kill their women for the so-called honor of the family. 

In our country, we have legislation that can control the brutality of domestic violence. But in the long go, these laws will not help until all the law enforcement bodies judiciary, lawyers, police make its implementation easy. Also, we should teach our new generation what is the worth of humans and what is human dignity.

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