Deaf Community: Social issues faced in Pakistan

According to World Health Organization, 5% of every country’s population have haring problems. It has been found that 7.4% of Pakistan Population are deaf people. According to Pakistan Institute of Rehabilitation Sciences (PRIS) 360 Million of Pakistan population are deaf people out of which 32 Million are only children out of which less than 5% children go to school. There is lack of awareness and education in our community towards the social issues faced by the deaf community.

360 Million of Pakistan population are deaf people out of which 32 Million are only children

Deaf people are those with significant hearing disability. These people have hearing loss from little to no hearing at all. They usually use sign language to communicate. It is important to know that deafness is different from hearing loss where the individual is not able to hear as well as someone with normal hearing ability. World organizations are working towards helping and educating the deaf community and provide them opportunities. But there is a lack of such activities in Pakistan.

2 major institutes in Pakistan that are working for their betterment

There are 2 major institutes in Pakistan that are working for the betterment of deaf community. They are Deva Academy and Pakistan Association of Deaf (PDA). PDA aims to provide job security, conducts social events for awareness and their women wing works for the marriage affairs of deaf community. Even after their efforts, this community still faces issues.

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Whenever people refer to them, they were call “deaf and dumb” most of the times. Here the phrase will translate to people who cannot hear and who are stupid. Which not only puts mental pressure on deaf people but also forms a negative point of view of society towards these people. Although, it has been observed that people with one less sense out of 5 senses, the rest of their senses are heightened. But in out society, they are considered economic burdens. Sometimes people may even say that they are the sins of family.

Hearing loss is a medical condition and requires medical attention and care.

In terms of employment, Pakistan policies reserves 2% quota in job opportunities for people with disabilities. But even with quota, they get jobs with low income, status and fewer privileges such as clerk, someone assistant, sweeper, gardener or desk jobs. These causes inferiority complex among them. Other problems may include psychological such as resentfulness, aggression, poor self-concept and low self-esteem. They lose confidence in their abilities to do something. Even times when society pressure even comes to extend where the parents neglect their children with such disabilities.

Deaf people also face issues of language barrier which causes lack of communication with normal people. They even face medical issues.

Pakistanis first sign language digital tools developed

They face issues of language barrier

There are organizations and initiatives such as ConnectHear and Youth Exchange Program initiative of Sign language Training Program. Family Education Service Foundation runs Deaf reach schools and training centres in Pakistan. Software are being developed to act as communication between hearing impaired and normal people.

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