Interesting Facts About Animals

Want to impress your friends or family members by telling them interesting facts about animals so this article is for you.

Kola bears

Kola bears are herbivorous marsupial native to Australia. They are having one interesting fact that might be a problem for a human. There figure prints are just like humans. They are so similar that Australian police said at the time of investigations the koala fingerprints at the crime scene can hinder the search by leading them in the wrong direction.

koala bear
image: mnn

Bottlenose Dolphins

The bottlenose dolphins are more right-handed than humans. According to the study by ScientificAmerica humans are 70 to 95 percent right-handed and 5 to 30 percent left-handed. But according to research article IFL Science bottleneck dolphins used to turn left 99.4 percent of the time. As a result, it keeps its right eye close to the ocean and which helps in hunting. It’s considered a right-hand bias.

Bottlenose Dolphin interesting facts
image: thoughtco.


You might think math is something related to human beings only, but this is not the case, Pigeons are smart enough to count. According to the study in Science when in the experiment they gave pigeons to rank the pictures. Pigeons performed this task accurately by arranging them according to the number of elements in pictures.

interesting facts
image: unsplash


You might have heard that all clownfish are male. This however not entirely correct clownfish born with both male and female sex organs. But what interesting facts about these animals are that they can change their sexes. It depends on the environmental conditions, for example, if the female in the clownfish group dies the eldest one in the remaining members of the group will become female. And the second eldest will become the breeding male.

image: south china morning post


Casts interesting facts are that they are unable to taste sweet things. That’s true, rather than sweet cats prefer to meet. That is because cats do not have 247 base pairs of amino-acid. This absence hinders the creation of a protein that leads to the inability to taste sweets. 




Puffins are seabirds, and they feed themselves by diving in the water. They have a long beak, but they don’t use so often like other birds. According to Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) study in 2019, they tell that puffins use little wooden sticks to scratch themselves instead of using their beaks.

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