Turkey, A place to visit before dying

Turkey, A place to visit before dying
Turkish civilization is 6500 BC old, one of the oldest civilizations in the world. Every era put an influence on the culture of that region. Republic of Turkey is a secular state but the majority of the population belongs to Islam. So, most of the festivals and cultural activities are tamed in Islamic colors. The Ottoman-era took many traditions and festivals in practice. But It also has its regional traditions.

Turkish culture and Festivals

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Festivals including all kinds of religious activities, traditions, moral norms, sports, music festivals, etc. In Turkey, Istanbul is considered the cultural center of the country however the festivals are celebrated all over the country. More than 1000 festivals are celebrated in Turkey per year


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The most significant religious festival is Ramadan, the Muslim month of day a step from drinking water, food, tobacco, and doing any sinful activities. Although, life carries on as normal during Ramadan, while most of the people are fasting from dawn to sunset. Most of the charity work is done in this month. This is amongst the most popular festivals in turkey

Kadir Gacesi:

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Kadir Gecesi, The night when the Holy Quran was sent to the Holy Prophet Muhammad(S.A.W.W) by Allah Almighty, takes place between the last odd nights of Ramadan. Mosques wonderfully glisten for all night, as its thought that prayers at this time have special value.

Seker and Kurban festivals:

Şeker Bayramı (Sugar Holiday or Eid ul Fitr) directly follows Ramadan, which is celebrated as a praise for Ramadan, celebrated by family reunions and the providing presents and candies to children. Kurban Bayramı (Festival of the Sacrifice)or Eid-ul-Adha, in which the sacrificial offering of a sheep represents Hazrat Ibraham’s(A.S) boy Hazrat Ismael marked by the great slaughter of lamb and goats.

Izmir International Fair:

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Izmir world fair is considered as the cradle of Turkey’s fair and production industry. It is the oldest tradeshow in Turkey. It takes place in Izmir’s park named Kulturpark. This festival starts in the first week of September. The Fair of 2020 is expected to start from the 4th of September to the 14th of September.

Music Festivals:

The most famous music festival in turkey usually occurs on the 5th of September but some classical events are also held in July, August, and September. Orchestra, opera, rock are usually played on these festivals.

Folk Dance Festival:

Cultural activities and festivals are most impressive in cities. Folk-dance festivals offer a chance to see Turkey’s best dance troops execute many repertoires of Turkish dances in traditional apparel.

Cultural and Arts Festivals:

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Turkey’s culture has its own values. After 1923, Turkish culture began to flourish with arts and since then many cultural activities held here

The list of some of those major cultural and arts festivals is:

  • Antalya International Film Festival
  • Istanbul International Film Festival
  • Aspendos International Opera and Ballet Festival
  • Istanbul International Theatre Festival
  • Istanbul International Opera Festival
  • Izmir International Film Festival
  • Izmir International Short Film Festival
  • Antalya State Opera and Ballet Festival
  • Antalya International Choir Festival
  • Antalya International Folk Music and Dance Festival
  • Mevlana Whirling Dervishes Festival
  • Bodrum International Ballet Festival
  • International Istanbul Biennial FestivalCappadociax Festival.

So, Turkey is very rich reagarding culture, festivals, and traditions. If someone is willing to visit Turkey don’t miss it’s cultural festivals, land’s true colours

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