Fashion Advises and Tips That You Can Use In Real Life

Do you ever get those sudden urges to follow the latest fashion trends and to do so, you feel like you might need to redesign your entire wardrobe? Well, we are here to tell you that that is absolutely unnecessary. Here are some fashion advises and tips that you can use to look more put together without spending money to buy new and expensive clothes;

  • Follow trends in a way that is appropriate to your age

As much as you would like to ignore this, you just can’t. Not every trend is appropriate for every age. Or if you are going to follow them, make sure that you do it with confidence and in a way that shows that you feel comfortable with your age.

For example, according to the fashion designer Rebecca Minkoff, if you feel like you are too old for a crop top but would still love to wear it then pair it with a long shirt or high-waisted skirt. This way you will not be revealing too much skin while also looking trendy.

  • Don’t try to match all the colors of your outfit

Instead of wearing too much and struggling to make them go along with each other, it is better if you just wear few colors. Make sure you choose colors that complement each other.

For this, use the simple trick of color wheel. The colors that appear opposite to each other on the wheel are actually complimenting colors, for example orange and navy.

  • Don’t be afraid to blend prints and patterns

As much as we love basics, it never hurts to wear some patterns and prints from time to time. And we know that wearing pattern on pattern can be a great risk and if not wore properly can be a huge flop. But that is why we are here to guide you.

Try to follow colors of same family when to come to pairing printed and patterned clothes. Similarly, polka dots look great with florals, or even stripes for that matter. Also, make sure that you never wear large-scale prints together. Because they both will try to dominate each other instead of complimenting and the viewers will be confused as to what to focus on first.

  • Jewelry can either be your best friend or your worst enemy

Not many people are well aware of this but jewelry can drastically influence your outfit. The right type and amount of jewelry can make any basic outfit go from simple and dull to fancy and trendy, especially when it comes to fashion advises for women.

You can also use jewelry to make your face look a certain way. For example, long and round earrings can make your face look skinnier than it actually is. Contrarily, short and chunky earring like studs are your best option if you have an oblong face. These will draw the attention of the viewer in outward direction and your face won’t look as narrow.

  • Find your signature style

One of the most best fashion advise and something that will go with you for a lifetime; Find Your Signature Style and stick to it. This will not only make your shopping experiences easier, as you will be clear about what type of clothes you  need to buy and what type of clothes are just not your style.

Go through your wardrobe and select the pieces that you feel like suit your personality the most. Ask your friends and people close to you about which outfits you look your best in and take notes from those outfits. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s a style that is comfortable to you and you feel confident in it. Because in the end, no fashion advises and tips are good enough if they don’t make you feel like the best version of yourself.

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