Indulge In Brazil’s Culture: A City Of Festivals

If you need to go to where you can party till dawn alongside perceiving and understanding the deep cultural value the people have, then Brazil is the place to be. Filled with rich culture, the people of Brazil are known for their immense celebrations and their dedication towards their culture and keeping it alive. Below are few of the country’s most popular festivals:

Festa de lemanjá

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Taking place on February 2nd in Rio Vermelho neighborhood, Salvador the festival of lemanjá is a beautiful religious festival where the people of Candomblé and Umbanda religions gather to honor the sea goddess, lemanjá. The festival although happens around the entire Brazilian coast but the biggest gathering and celebration is seen in Salvador. During the festival the people, all dressed in white, fill small boats with flowers, gifts and perfumes and send out to the ocean as an offering to the goddess.

Festa Junina

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Celebrated throughout June, Festa Junina is a catholic tradition to welcome the start of winter. And also to give respect to saints including John the Baptost and Saint Peter. People dress up as farmers in rural clothing with large straw hats and fake freckles and celebrate in large tents usually made of raw material. The traditional dances, delicious food and games attract many people, even outside the country.  

Reveillon de Copacabana, Rio de Janerio

Revellion is the high-spirited festival to welcome the New Year. The festival takes place at the Copacabana Beach, Rio de Janerio, starting around the evening till late night. The place is filled with different performances and eatables. Not to forget the ever memorizing fireworks display being the main highlight. People from all over the world come here to celebrate this beautiful event. It definitely stands next to the great Carnival experience. It is traditional to wear white clothes on this event.     

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Cirio de Nazaré

Being alive for more than two centuries, Cirio de Nazaré also called the Procession of Our Lady of Nazareth. Held in Pará’s capital, Belém the festival consists of a gathering of around 2 million people. It takes place on the second Sunday of October where the saint’s statue is shown and worshiped for 15 days. The celebration incorporates numerous cultural elements that reflect Brazil’s multicultural society. Since the gathering on this festival is so huge, Cirio de Nazaré had been registered as Cultural Heritage of Intangible Nature by the Institute of Natural Historical and Artistic Heritage back in 2004.

Bumba Meu Boi

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Also known as Festival do Boi Bumbá is one of Brazil’s old traditional festivals. It takes place during June and July. The festival consists of bumba-meu-boi dance which tells the old folktale of the death and resurrection of the ox. It also consists of a parade and dances with people dressed up as animals, Ox being the main one and other fantastical creatures. 

Rio de Janerio Carnival

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Last but definitely not the least The Rio Carnival. A festival known to every single soul around the world held in Rio de Janerio. Millions of people from around the globe come to enjoy this major 5-day festival filled with performances and dances. The main highlight is the grand parade of different samba schools’ floats.Each represents their own sense of fantasy and extravagance. People wear glamorous and eye catching costumes and perform various dances during the parade.    

As seen from the few examples shown the people of Brazil definitely take pride in who they are and their ancestry . If you ever want to see diversification of cultures and meet new people, Brazil is the place to go.

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