The Current Educational System and Why It Is Failing.

During the time of Industrial Revolution, the enthusiasts of that time decided to come up with an educational system whose purpose was more than just providing a formal education to the children of that time. It was also designed to satisfy the economic needs of that time. And while it may have been successful in those times, it certainly is not adequate enough for the 21st century. In simple words the current educational system is outdated and failing and here are some of the reasons why;

  • There Are Not Enough Schools

The population of the world is certainly not the same as it was 20 years ago. And increase in population also demands increase in elements of the society that are necessary; schools. So the question here is, why are the number of schools available in a society not increasing when every other segment of the society, from clothing to food to entertainment, is constantly becoming vaster to keep up with the fast moving demands of the society?

  • Stagnant School Budget

I think the answer to the question asked in the previous reason can be found in the horrible and undeniable fact that the school budgets that are being set have been the same for many years.

With youth and education being one of the most critical of our assets in these times, you would think they would be our priority when it comes to setting the annual budget. If anything the situation is the exact opposite. This has not only resulted in lesser amount of educational institutes but also students not being able to enjoy enough resources in those institutes and hence not learning to their full potential.

  • Lack of Diversity

As mentioned before, the current education system was designed in a time when people did not care much amount the minorities of the society. And by these minorities, we do not only mean people from different races, immigrants, or other genders. We also mean some other neglected groups of society like the disabled and the gifted.

These people are a part of the society and it is the responsibility of these educational institutions to train these individuals in a way that they are able to contribute to the well-being and improvement of the society.