Go Backpacking to Amazing Canada

As one of the most multicultural country in the world, Canada offers amazing festivals and great tourist attractions. The culture of Canada is mainly considered diverse because it is home to almost 200 different Ethnic groups.

So, if you are considering bag packing to Canada you are in for a treat. Canada hosts many of the world’s most important events. It also provides the most magnificent landscapes for the people who show interest in nature’s wonders.

Toronto Film Festival:

Logo of Toronto Film Festival

The largest city of Canada hosts one of the biggest festivals in the film industry every September. Journalists, artists, directors, and fans from all over the world come to see this amazing spectacle. Many of the masterpieces made in the media industry throughout the year are a highlight in this festival. Spectacular performances tempt people to be part of these celebrations.


Winter celebrations in Ottawa

Canada organizes the world’s largest ice skating rink every year which lures tourists from every part of the world. When the Rideau Canal freezes the Winterlude festival in Ottawa begins. People of every age come with family or friends to enjoy the cold breezes. The astounding ice sculptures made in this festival are the main attraction.

Calgary Stampede:

The packed Midway during the Calgary Stampede in Calgary on Tuesday, July 9, 2019. Darren Makowichuk/Postmedia

Canada celebrates “The greatest outdoor show on earth” every year in July. This event celebrates the western lifestyle. people decorate Streets and hoses by cowboy hats. National Television of Canada telecasts the parade. This festival started off as a small celebration by the agricultural community but now it is the biggest event in Canada.

Religious Events:

religious festival.jpg
A religious Festival Celebration

Canada is populated with the catholic community. They celebrate their religious festivals every year. Some of the churches are part of cultural heritage. French, Sikhs, Muslims, and Christians are other communities living in Canada. All their religious and cultural festivals are celebrated with full freedom and enthusiasm.

Natural Sites:

Niagra Falls

The hot springs in Canadian rocks are very well known. Niagara Falls and Montmorency Falls present a view that is straight from heaven. Many families and tourists visit them for recreational purposes.

This beautiful country offers everything a tourist wants. From parks to museums Canada is full of surprises. Culture is one of the richest in the world and people are the friendliest. So, when are you planning a tour to Canada?

                                                          -Areeba Hussain