The topic covers a general overview of Online Learning in the wake of COVID-19. We will talk about online education in Pakistan and in general to the whole world and discuss it concisely.


Though it was in an embryonic stage; the concept of distance learning programs and courses for the world a year back and a mere fancy for the people of half a century back, it is becoming more of a necessity with the global influence of COVID-19 on the educational system and it is one of the crucial aspects which had to face an enormous and abrupt evolution.

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Distance learning or Online Learning

Some of the benefits of learning online or distance learning that is learning from home are elaborated in the following chart. This is directed towards the online education system in Pakistan but it relates generally to the whole world as well

Online Education

But considering the current scenario at the global level, we have to face many challenges many of which are general and regional as shown in the following chart highlighting important general issues along with an explanation of a remedy and other issues as well. Some of the general difficulties in the online education system in Pakistan; in relation to the whole world is to show as follows:

The majority of the issues can be overcome by the habit of regular exercise, a balanced diet, guidance from the concerned people, and the provision of awareness. But there are certain problems which are beyond the control of an individual and require government intervention such as the solution for the load shedding of electricity leading to failure or delay in the work at and internet availability and speed of connectivity along with a proper feedback mechanism

The most vital problem is the rebellious attitude of the general public towards any change –be it good or bad; it should be known that absolute or best in this regard is mostly imaginable only. Cases appeared by the comments of the students and the public on the social media platform. The only remedy to this is time and time itself. Through proper guidance by the concerned higher authorities may elevate the situation.

There is also a hot debate on the influence of AI, climatic changes, economic and political impacts on online working platforms but they are beyond the scope of the current topic.

To hell with circumstances; I create opportunities

-Bruce Lee


In a nutshell; the distance learning system or online education in Pakistan is going to stick around for a while and is going to see prosperous growth. So it is up to us to utilize the opportunity to the fullest. Thus we must not pay heed to the skeptical philosophies; as this evolution is only a consequence of the man’s everlasting quench for knowledge.

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