Heart of the Mehran -Hyderabad

Hyderabad the 2nd largest city of Sindh and the 8th largest in Pakistan lies along the river Indus and is well known for its rich culture. It all started back in 1768 when the Kalhora ruler Ghulam shah kalhoro founded it and named it the Heart of the Mehran due to his dire love for the city .After that the city was expanded by Talpur dynasty till 1843 followed by the British empire who then made it a part of Bombay. After Independence in 1947 Hyderabad was made the capital of Sindh until 1955 when Karachi took its place.

Hyderabad in the late 1800s – source: Wikipedia

When it comes to food and shopping, this city cannot disappoint its visitors since there are bunch of options one could opt for. List of restaurants include GulMohar , Royal Taj , Lal Qila, Hyderbad Darbar, RoofTop , mouth watering breakfast of clock tower and many more. Besides, a historic and well known baker family known as Bombay bakers has been quite prominent for a long time which attracts people from all over Pakistan. Another highlight of the city is its crowded market that never sleeps, where mostly visited are shahi bazaar, resham gali, New Hala Handicrafts and sabzi mandi etc.

Hyderabad can be a good treat for tourists, reason being some unheard and beautiful places that are worth checking out. First one is Pakka Qila that was built on one of the three hills during the 17th century. Though today the massive historic fort is badly maintained and deteriorating, it still is the most notable landmark of Hyderabad, and a must-see from outside at the least. Second on the list is Rani Bagh. This popular local recreation spot was built in 1861 and includes Eidgah, a zoo, lawns, children parks, jogging tracks, and a place with many eateries and food stalls. Although the zoo contains a limited selection of animals, it still manages to cheer up the visitors. Sindh Museum, a quite large museum is third on the list which has many nice items on display in large halls which depict the history and heritage of Sindh and Indus Valley Civilization. Museum showcase items and artefacts from various ruling periods of Sindh, including Sama, Soomra, Kalhora and Talpur periods. Other spots include Tomb of the Mian Ghulam Nabi Kalhoro, the large and beautiful tomb of Kalhora ruler, Tombs of Talpur Mirs, numerous impressive royal tombs of ruling Talpur dynasty, who ruled Sindh and some other parts of Pakistan from 1784-1843, Navalrai Market Clock Tower (Ghanta Ghar) and Badshahi Bungalow.

The Tombs of Talpur Mirs date from the 18th century. – source: Wikipedia
The tomb of Mian Gulam Shah Kalhoro – source: Wikipedia

Despite being one of the oldest cities, Hyderabad still lacks in the educational department due to less and low ranked institutes therefore, youth prefers migrating to cities like Islamabad and Lahore for higher studies. However, some big institutions are Mehran University and University of Sindh. This city has its own symbolic significance and likewise has famous personalities namely sharjeel khan(cricketer), Choudry Mohammad Sadiq (politician), Bherumal Meharchand Advani( writer, poet, researcher and scholar) and the list goes on.