The Loud and Proud Rawalpindi

If you are looking for people full of life, and streets full of people, head to Rawalpindi. The city that is in the north of Punjab province bursting with a rich history and amazing food. Rawalpindi is one of the oldest cities in Pakistan. It is located next to the federal capital, Islamabad.

Rawalpindi offers a great variety of food and spectacular views to its visitors. People in this city are friendly and hospitable. They speak Urdu and Potohari. Rawalpindi is also host to the headquarters of Pakistan Army. If you are thinking to get to visit the real Pakistan, why not start with Rawalpindi?


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Old Rawalpindi

Rawalpindi (village of rawals) was once a village occupied with yogis. Chief Jhanda khan of Ghakar named it Rawalpindi after the Mongol invasion. After this, Muslims and Sikhs of the subcontinent inhabited the city. Now people from the Potohar plateau live here.


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Desi Resturant

Rawalpindi is famous for its amazing and delicious food. This city has a variety of desi food to offer. The most famous dish in this city is Garato Jalebi. It is a treat for people who have a sweet tooth. From Akram khan food corner to savour, these yummy treat attracts people from all over the country. The homemade Bakarkhaanis is a work of art and no one can match the taste of them. Rawalpindi also has famous food chains. Rawalpindi has its own food street with many different restaurants. This city can host people with any kind of taste buds and it has the capacity to stun them with mouth-watering food.

Tourist Spots:

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Raja Bazaar

The city is full of places to visit with family or friends. The national park of Pakistan, Ayub park is in Rawalpindi. There are other famous amusement parks like Jinnah park, Iqbal park, and jungle kingdom. Rawalpindi offers a variety of different restaurants for fine dining. Pakistan army museum displays heroic stories of our brave soldiers. Raja Bazaar is one of the most iconic places in Rawalpindi. It is a market that is full of life and ancient buildings. The city has many cinemas, art galleries, and theaters.

Famous Personalities:

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Shoaib Akhtar

The first name that comes into mind is Sheikh Rasheed, he is the current railway minister of Pakistan. He has a very unique personality and lives in a house known as Lal Haveli. Shoaib Akhtar is also known as Pindi express is a fast bowler who belongs to Rawalpindi. Other famous personalities include Hadiqa Kiani, Veena malik, Javed sheikh, and J. om Prakash.

People of this city celebrate every event with full enthusiasm. The event of Basant is usually celebrated by the boys in the spring season. The skies get bombarded with kites, women make traditional food, families gather, and people celebrate life in its full form.

What are you waiting for? Pack your bags now and head to this astonishing city.

-Areeba Hussain

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