Kohat – A City to Guide History

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Kohat- A beautiful landscape comprising city

Every city in the world is known captivating by its fascinating natural elements. It can be in terms of landscape, historical sites, famous personalities, cultures, etc. So, we will lead you to a city known for “Home of signals” and that is, Kohat. Kohat serves as a city to guide history.

 Kohat, a city of History or known as “home of signals” is located in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. The name ‘Kohat’ is derived from two Persian words, ‘Koh’ means mountains and ‘At’ means surrounded by. It is, probably, known to be the capital of the Kohat district with various small villages in it, each showing almost a similarity in culture and customs. The district centers around a well-built military cantonment, captivating various bazaars and a British-era fort. The total area of the city is around 3000 square miles ( 5000 sq. kms ). The city is known as the site where armed battles were fought between local tribesmen and British forces in 19th century. A railway line, manufactured by British, runs through the town.

Kohat is located at an altitude of 489 meters (1,604 ft), nearly 37 miles south of Peshawar with Kohat Pass to the north. It is situated on the left bank of the Toi river.


            Kohat is the city famous for having a great history of battles in it. Here, let us throw a light on it.

The Buddhist period :

            The premature history of the region is restricting to the vague traditions. It is said that during Buddhist period, two Rajas named Adh and Kohat settled along the northern border of the locale. Raja Kohat gave his name to the city of Kohat, and Raja Adh settled near Mian Gari  (remnants of an old fort on the hill side north of Muhammadzai) towards the mountains, known as Adh-i- Samut, a village located about four miles west of Kohat.

The Mughal Period :

            It is said that from the time of the Emperor Akbar to the invasion of Nadir Shah, Kohat district formed a part of the Mughal Empire.

Babar’s expedition :

In 1505 AD, the Mughal Emperor Babar, in Peshawar, was induced by Baki Cheghaniani to visit Kohat on the false hope of obtain a rich booty. To cut a long story short, this is how, he visited the place and took possession of it and other places. Later on, the region was conquered by Bangash and Khattak tribes.

Nadir Shah’s invasion :

            In 18th century, Nadir Shah attacked India. His principle armed forces seems to have constrained its way particularly through the Peshawar locale. A portion of his powers is said to have marched by the Kurram course through Biland Khel to Bannu. The Kohat region, as a result, got away from invasion. After the sack of Delhi, the entire of the Trans-Indus tract was given up to Nadir Shah. His death in 1747 was pursued by the foundation of the Durrani Dynasty. From that time till the triumph of Peshawar by the Sikhs, Kohat stayed a segment of the Afghan realm.


            Kohat marks an eye for having fascinating tourism, in terms of both landscapes and especially, historical sites.

Historical Places :

            Kohat is a town rich with history because of conquer. So, let us take a look at different historical places in Kohat :

Kohat Fort :

            The ‘Kohat Fort’, known as Adh-i-Samut, is subsequent to King Adh. Its criticalness is immense because of its area and traveler steadiness. A great part of the fortress has disappeared  however, it remains a historical tourist spot. Other historical sites of tourism include :

Samana Hill Station.

Ghamkol Sharif’s Mizar.

Shahpur’s Tomb.

Hindu Mohalla.

Church (Shimla Pahari).

Temple of Goru Balmeek Sawami Jee.

A large white building of Ghamkhol mizar in KohatDescription automatically generated
Ghamkol Sharif shrine in Kohat
An old stone buildingDescription automatically generated
Hindu Mohallah In Kohat.
A large stone building in Hindu Mohallah bazaarDescription automatically generated
Hindu Mohallah Bazaar
An old historical Durrani Fort in KohatDescription automatically generated
Durrani fort in Kohat

Landscape Tourism :

Shakardara :

Shakardara is the only urban centre having a town committee in Kohat District. It lies towards Bannu at quite some distance from the main highway. Its population is 9,403 (1998 census). But now, at some point, its population is increasing slowly. It also has a conservative society dominated largely by Khattak population.

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Shakardara area in Kohat

Tanda Dam :

            Tanda Dam, built in 1960s, is close to main Kohat city towards the Hangu region. It basically serves as the fundamental source of water system to neighboring regions. The dam has spectacular environment. It attracts innumerable individuals, particularly on weekends.

            Tanda Dam lays importance also for irrigation, fisheries and recreational purposes. It is constructed on the water of Kohat Toi River, the river diverted at Kaghazi village. President Ayub Khan passed the bill for its construction. Agricultural lands from Tanda Dam to Jarma and Dohda Sharif , as a result, transformed into irrigated areas where vegetables, wheat and sugar cane start growing in fields. Also, it is a hub for fishing.

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An aerial view of Tanda Dam in Kohat
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Panaromic view of Tanda Dam

Tanda Wildlife Park :

Tanda Wildlife Park is the largest wildlife park in KPK. It composes of 2800 acres of land. It comprises of Tanda reservoir also. Moreover, its splendid scenes boosts a scope of warm-blooded animals and winged creatures. Also, on the off chance that you have warmth with untamed life and creatures, this is the spot to be at.

Kohat Tunnel :

It is 1.9 km long tunnel. So, it links the southern areas from Kohat city to Darra Adam Khel. The government got help in construction with Japanese assistance. Therefore, it is also known as “Pak-Japan Friendship Tunnel”. This improvement further avoided the use of dangerous course route on the mountains known as ‘Ghakha’. This passage is useful for exchange reason. Obviously, it plays a significant site for travelers also.

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Pak-Japan Friendship Kohat Tunnel

Other spots of tourism include

Samana Hills, Jauzara, Company Bagh, Chilli Bagh, Jungle Khel springs, etc.


Chapli Kebab
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Karhai in Shelton Restaurant
A close up of foodDescription automatically generated
Samosa Karhai in Kohat

            Kohat has the Pakistan’s delicious guavas. People from different areas of Pakistan lay a deep interest on having them with dishes. Moreover, mouthwatering Chapli Kababs of Darra Adam Khel need no praises. Also, samosas, jalebis, etc. of political bazaar and channa chaat and lobya chaat of Guluberi chowk are also mouth-watering. Food spots include

Spin Ghar Hotel in Hangu Patak.

The Food Factory in Kohat City Center.

Shelton Restaurant and Shelton Bakers and Sweets in Kohat cantonment.

Broadway Bakers, Ajwa Bakers and Sweets, Freshway Bakers in Kohat bazaar.


            Kohat is also, the home to many famous personalities. Some of them are

Sharifullah Gullu (1895-1980) – A famous football player.

Azaad Sarhadi – A famous poet and dramatist.

Muhammad Afzal Khan Bangash – Pashtun Marxist political activist.

Ahmed Faraz – One of the world’s famous urdu poet and scriptwriter.

Inayatullah Paracha – A famous coin man after second world war.

Iftikhar Hussain Shah – Lt. Gen., Governor of KPK and Deputy DG of ISI.

Muhammad Aslam Khan Khattak – One of three students ho created the name “Pakistan”.

And many more……


Cadet College, Kohat – A well renowned military college in Pakistan.

ISSB training center – A prominent military selection center in Pakistan.

Kohat Institute of Medical Sciences – A public medical institution in Kohat.

Kohat Institute of Science and Technology – A public prestigious institute in KPK.

Garrison Cadet College, Kohat – A prestigious military institution in KPK.

A large lawn in front of an institute buildingDescription automatically generated
KUST institute in Kohat
A group of people in a park in collegeDescription automatically generated
KIMS institute


            Kohat is home to a few brand shops. It contains cloths of other brands such as

Sha Posh – A clothing store in Mian Khel bazaar, Kohat.

New Kurta Point and Boutique center – A prominent clothing store in Mian Khel bazaar, Kohat.

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