The Blood Sport: Rooster Fighting

Since ancient times, roosters are involved in this blood sport. Two roosters come against each other in a ring that is called a cockpit. They fight with each other until one of them is injured or dead.

This sport is very common worldwide. In some countries, it is still legal. Pakistan has a very important culture of rooster fighting especially in rural areas of Punjab and Sindh.

Old English game of Rooster fighting:

rooster fight history.jpg

About 6000 years ago English men invented this bloody sport. This sport was once very common in Europe and In Romans. Some paintings and remains show this sport was among the most famous activities of Greeks. In older times people used to train their roosters and made them fight for money or other prizes.

Rooster Fighting Nations:

rooster fighting nations.jpg

Rooster fighting is still very common in every part of the world. In developed countries like England and the USA, this sport is banned because of its cruelty towards innocent animals. In some countries like the Dominican Republic, rooster fighting s still legal and is very popular. This sport is also very well-liked in Asian countries like Pakistan, India, Philippines, Srilanka, and Bangladesh.

Rules of the cockpit:

rooster fighting cockpit.jpg

The roosters who are playing this game are called the gamecocks. They fight with each other in a cockpit. They are trained to attack one another and hurt their opponent. This sport involves gambling. People usually put high stakes on a rooster and the game is not finished until one of them is dead or suffers from great trauma. The winning rooster provides a great amount of money to its owner or the person who gambled on it.

Food for the fighting roosters:

rooster fighting.jpg

The roosters who have to go in the cockpit are trained. They have a special feed for them. They are usually fed with a combination of oats, split peas, rice, corn, wheat, and barley. Some of the roosters are fed with protein that comes from worms. The most famous Rooster is Reza Asil Cock. They are found in India and Pakistan. They are raised on a vegetarian diet and they are considered the best in-game.

Roosters fighting for their lives:

Rooster Fighting.jpg

Now comes a day where the roosters have to fight for their lives. This sport is very cruel and it is against every animal right law. Roosters are injured in this game most of the time they are found dead. In many countries, this sport is banned or declared illegal. Many animal rights organizations have fought and made these horrible sports illegal. But in many areas of the world people are still involved in these brutal activities.

Next time you witness any kind of activities in which animals or birds are harmed in any way report immediately to the concerned organizations. These types of sports should never be motivated and the culprits should be given strict punishments.