Bull Baiting- A Horrifying Sport of Cruelness with Animals

Sports are considered as healthy activities but, there appears a big question mark. Are they?

Is every sport meant for healthy purposes? The answer is a big “NO”.

Sports are also meant for entertainment purposes. Some generally get involved in sports for fun and enjoyment. But, here let us go centuries back to get to know about some bloody, horrifying sports among which, the most important one is “BULL BAITING”.

So, the question arises in the reader’s mind, what is ‘Bull Baiting’? Is it related to any kind of inhumane activity? Are the lives of animals in risk?

Bull Baiting:

Bull Baiting
Bull Baiting

           Bull Baiting is a horrifying, bloody sport that involved setting a bull and dogs as rivals in the Bullring. In this bloody sport, the barbarous bull is tied to an iron pole that is fastened into the ground and his nose is blown full of pepper to arouse him. The one or two dogs are left on the battleground to pin down the bull by seizing onto the animal’s nose, and fighting with the animal until the dogs have turned him down. Often, the bull was provided with a hole in the ground to lower down his nose for protection.

History of Bull Baiting:

Bull Baiting in arena
History of Bull Baiting

            The horrifying, bloody bull baiting dates back to 12th century when it was popular among the Westerns during the Elizabethan era till early 19th century. It is still unknown how it started but, it is said that the first reported bull baiting event took place in 1209 at Stamford during the reign of King John in UK. In this era, no such importance was given to dogs. However, in late 18th century, this sport started being considered to be inhumane and cruelty for animals. So, in 19th century, Cruelty to Animal’s Act was passed and such sport was banned. However, in 1842, the last bull baiting matches were held in Lancashire and Ashbourne.

Participating Nations:

Dogs and Bull involved in Bull Baiting
Bull Baiting

            The nations, where this gruesome sport was common, are basically called as “Westerns” including United Kingdom, Ireland, North America, and other western-populated countries. On the contrary, in Asian countries, such as horrifying, barbaric sport was strictly prohibited, and the law is still followed. All in all, this bloody sport competed internationally.

Rules of the sport:


Bull baiting took place in the ring known as “Bullrings”. These rings were specially arranged in purpose-built arenas. Since, it was considered a gambling event, so, the contestants would make enough money after such sport.

On-battle rules:

           In this sport, the dog would try to flatten itself on the ground and creeping as close to the bull as possible. Then, the dog would run out and attempt to bite the tied bull’s nose or head area. The bull was tethered to an iron stake which was tightened into the ground. As the dog darted at the bull, the bull would catch the dog with his head and horns and throw it into the air.


            Only one or two dogs were allowed in the ring. The bull’s nose is blown with pepper to make him barbaric. No one was allowed to enter the ring during the match.

Animal Food and Training:

            The bulls and dogs were given food and special animal training for competition. The animals were given food to increase aggression. The atrocities used to crossbreed the dogs to increase their courage, aggression, and persistence to take down animals larger in size than theirs. This also made them smaller in size to escape from being caught in bull’s horns. Moreover, special breeds of dogs such as Old English Bulldogs, Bullenbeissers, Spanish Bulldogs, Ca de Bous and terriers, were trained for winning matches. On the other hand, the bull was turned barbarous by blowing his nose with pepper and tied with an iron stake to increase anger.

Bull Baiting- A cruelest sport:

Bull Baiting – A cruelest sport for animals

            No such importance was given on bulls and dogs. The lives of animals were put on stake. The bulls were chained. The bulls and dogs were enraged. It was meant for amusement and money-making for the public.

Prohibition and Levy of law:   

The prohibition and levy of the law of such sports led to give importance to animals’ precious lives, rather than thinking about money-making. Also, it also harms the human’s lives when they enter the ring during the match. Therefore, such sport should be banned in any country, otherwise, the law will be levied.



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