Dog Race; A Cruel Sport

Dog Racing in Florida
Dog Race

Dog race is also known as greyhound racing and is one of the many heinous games played all around the globe.

 How would you feel if you are made to run after a fake prize or treat and at the end get nothing but wounds and scars or perhaps sometimes broken bones and serious injuries?

This is all that the Dog Race is about. 

The poor animal is fooled to run after a lure(an artificial prey).

Luckily this game has been banned in many countries but is still played in some regions around the globe. Most prominently the rural areas of Punjab in Pakistan.

Where did the Dog Race originate from:

It basically originated from the ancient game of hunting with dogs. Which eventually turned into Dog Race. 

Dog Racing was introduced by O.P Smith in 1919 at Emeryville, California. This sport entered England in 1929 and became very famous within a little span of time. A Greyhound Racing club was also established in 1928 in England which decided the rules of the game.

Later it spread to many other countries such as Mexico, Florida, Ireland, Belgium Australia and the subcontinent. 

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Countries that still cherish this game:

In the late 90”s efforts started to stop this game and to illegalize it. Fortunately, in most of the countries, it is banned today. Although Some countries such as Florida still have Dog Race as a legal sport. However, the ban is expected soon. Despite being banned in Pakistan, a few areas of Rural Punjab in both India and Pakistan as some villages in Jhelum also enjoy this game.

Dogs racing
Dog Race in Pakistan

A special breed of dogs called the Greyhounds is subjected to these races. As the game originated from ancient rabbit hunting so greyhounds were the perfect breed for that. 

They were used due to their high speed and excellent eyesight. Even today these qualities of greyhounds have done more harm than good to the breed itself.

Is Dog Race a cruel game:

 When authorities started to investigate more about this game, it was found that dogs were kept in small cages for more than 20 hrs a day. Not only that but studies disclosed that many greyhounds not good enough for the race were euthanized, which is the height of cruelty.

rabbit hunting which was the basic origin of Dog Race
Rabbit Hunting

These dogs were fed 4D meat I.e from diseased or dead animals and were left untreated in case of injuries.

All these studies resulted in an almost worldwide ban on this game. Even today many racing hounds are reported to have suffered severe injuries eg, fractures, spinal injuries, cardiac arrests and even death. 

What next?

This is an important question. Dogs used in racing are generally not kept domestically. So, chances are that with a ban imposed on the dog race, most of the hounds will be euthanized by their owners. As these selfish gamblers don’t have much mercy for the animals they use in games.

However, rescue groups all around the globe are working very hard to domesticate these hounds. People who have adopted them say that greyhounds make excellent pets and crave for love and affection like all other pet dog’s. 

So once we get rid of this cruel sport, next step will be to domesticate the race dogs as home pets.

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