Coronavirus:How Covid-19 affected future of Airlines

The airline industry going through of its toughest ever periods,with major Airlines on the brink of Collapse,Grounding their planes and cutting jobs.

Covid-19 affected future of airlines
British Airways (image by Which)

British Airways owner reports £1.5bn loss due to corona virus and announced would be cutting 12000 jobs,Thousands of cabin crew face losing up to £30000 under new contracts.further said planning to resume some flights in July.Its getting hard to predict Future of Airlines as Covid-19 spreading worldwide.

How Covid-19 affected future of Airlines
Virgin Atlantic( Image by businesstraveller)

Virgin Atlantic going to cut 3000 jobs due to Covid-19 crisis,The airline, which currently employs about 10,000 people.

Further announced closing its operations at Gatwick airport. Gatwick Airport is the ninth busiest airport in Europe and the busiest airport in the UK after London Heathrow.

Ryan Air Image by Corporate.ryanair

As we all have questions about future of some airlines on as major airlines grounded their planes Ryanair has recently announced to cut up to 3,000 jobs and operate less than 1% of flights through June after warning that passenger demand and pricing will take minimum two years to recover from the Covid-19 pandemic.

How Covid-19 affected future of Airlines
Emirates (Image by simpleflying)

In this current Corona virus crisis one of the top airline like Emirates Airline is currently operating 75 aircraft ,Both passenger and freighter,on repatriation and cargo missions,Remaining of their jets are under going maintenance.

Singapore Airlines Image by businesscloud

Only 10 out of 200 Singapore ailine (SIA) groups airlines are currently moving their passengers around the globe.Rest of 95 percent of the fleet ,some have been kept for cargo-only,while a number of jets are parked at Changi Airport.

Coronavirus:How Covid-19 affected future of Airlines
Qatar Airways Image by (flightglobal)

Doha based Qatar Airways Bosses announce to make substantial job cuts and jobs redundancy inclusive of cabin crew.Despite lack of clarity and through this ongoing Covid-19 pandemic when its hard to predict future of some of main airlines,

Until now Qatar Airways is trying their best to work with various Countries Government to maintain their flights schedule and provide their passengers additional assistance and run chartered flights too.

Coronavirus:How Covid-19 affected future of Airlines
Cathay Pacific Image by SAMCHUI

Hong Kong’s Cathay Pacific will be going through ‘Structural Change’.Official says it is modelling ‘varying degrees of structural change’ to protect itself from ‘catastrophic impact’ of Corona Virus.

According to Reports they informed pilots, who were asked to meet management about potential changes. “No firm direction has yet been set,” the letter emphasised.