How To Have Healthy Hair

We usually tend to forget the importance of the little details and their role on keeping our hair healthy and glowing. Using a huge range of products isn’t the only answer to healthy hair. Here are few ways which if added to your hair washing routine will definitely help in their health and growth.

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  1. Wash your hair less often

    Yes! Although washing everyday does sound like the better option, but well its not. Continuous washing actually damages the hair follicle and even removes the essential oils from our hair. Therefore, too much washing is the main reason of dryness.

  2. Washing Dos and Don’ts

    Dos and Donts
    Always brush your hair before washing it. And as much as hot water feels good, it does quite the damage to your hair. Try to change the water temperature every now and then during shower. And to finish off, use cold water. That not only boosts your hair follicle growth but also gives a shine to the hair.
    Never twist or dry your hair roughly. Always pat dry them. Your brothers old t-shirt (or your own) is your best buddy; the soft material damages very less hair.

  3. Never skip conditioner

    This, ladies this. Especially if your hair is dry or damaged. Try looking for damage control or dryness control conditioners. Focus more on your hair ends. Your scalp doesn’t require the conditioner as much as your ends do.

  4. Brushing Dos and Don’ts

    Yes. There is a right way to brush your hair. Always and always start from the roots then move upwards gradually. This as a result prevents less hair breakage.
    Secondly, never brush your hair right after washing! This causes a lot of damage and breakage. Either finger comb your hair or use a wide tooth comb.

  5. Use a mask every once a week

    Using hair masks and hair serums not only help in boosting your hair’s health but also in its growth. Different masks suit different types of hairs. Figure out which one is best for you. Even at home masks using for example, honey, eggs, yogurt and avocado is also a good choice.
    How to have healthy hair

  6. Massage regularly

    At least once a day run your fingers across your scalp putting pressure like a massage. This lets your scalp and follicle breathe. They need as much oxygen as you do. Massaging your scalp helps in growth and keeping the hair healthy.
    How to get healthy hair

  7. Use less heating products

    Try to lessen the times you use the styling or drying products. Using hair masks and then using this will ruin the point of hair masks.
    Like instead of blow drying your hair, air dry your hair. And if you have to go somewhere urgent, then half air dry your hair and then use the blow dryer. This will lessen its usage.

  8. Make regular trips to the salon

    Lets be honest ladies. There is no solution to NOT have split ends. The only way to handle them is to get rid of them. Get regular trimmings to keep hair healthy.
    How to have healthy hair

    Make these points a regular part of your routine and stay on to them and see how your hair transforms.

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